N3LL Magic Band {6 Meter} Recordings

In honor of Bobby’s visit to his hometown I have recovered his 6 meters recordings from the old site.

SCARC member N3LL, Bob Carnahan, put together a small collection of recordings made of 6-meter skip activities in which DX stations running as little as 30-watts can be heard. Most of the recordings are contacts between the club’s station, W3KWH, and others; however, Bob includes one DX contact made from his home running only 100-watts and using a par omni loop antenna design.

All links provide MP3 streams (compatible w/dial-up)

5T5SN in Mauritania, Italy – received by N3LL in Pittsburgh, PA
N3LL was using a simple par omni loop antenna.

FG1GW – Guadeloupe, France – with W3KWH

FM5AA – Martinique, France – with W3KWH / Bob (N3LL)
K6MYC near Fresno, California, in QSO with NU3A in Newark, Delaware
VE9PLB – Miramich, New Brunswick, Canada – with N3LL – Pittsburgh, PA
VP2V – British Virgin Islands – with N3LL – Pittsburgh, PA
W3HH – Short code segment from W3HH in Ocala, Florida
WA3TTS 6-Meter beacon [SCARC, Pittsburgh] running at 40-milliwatts as copied by K0KP in Duluth, Minnesota
N3LL, while operating from the gulf coast of Florida [25-miles south of Sarasota; grid: EL86], made this recording as he tuned through a rare 6-meter band opening on January 25, 2009.
(CW & SSB)