Past years Minutes Hi- Lites

January 11, 1942 : The 12th regular meeting was held…at North Side YMCA. A motion to change the due’s to $3.00 per year payable at once was passed.

February 8, 1942 : W3OKU reported that the property transaction had been completed.

March 21, 1954 : A report was given on road conditions as follows: We can have the road bulldozed for $10.00 plus $7.50 an hour.

September 16, 1956 : Committee: Emil. LKM, purchased a building permit at a cost of $5.00. Paul W3WHY, got blueprints made for the new building.

April 21, 1957 : Estimated total cost of the new building as it sits now is $1,800.00- $2000.00.

March 19, 1968 : The phone was installed with no charge for the wiring. The cost to be $6.40 per month.