WPA Section, South District meeting

The South-1 District Meeting is scheduled for  Sunday November 5 from
noon to 4 pm at the WACOM Hamfest at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

12:00 – Sign-in and Seating
12:15 — Greeting, ARRL Briefing and WPA News – Joe Shupienis W3BC,
WPA Section Manager and Juan Manfredi NA0B, Assistant Section Manager
12:30 — Public Service and ARES Topics – Bud Plants N3TIR, WPA
Section Emergency Coordinator, Terry Nemitz WA3UTD, South-1 District
Emergency Coordinator
1:30 — Break
1:45 — ARRL Q&A
2:00 — Working with Volunteers — Overview of ICS-244.b Course
3:00 — Supporting School Radio Clubs — Juan Manfredi NA0B, Assistant
Section Manager
4:00 — Final comments and conclusion


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