Our other bands – 1.25 Meters

Hello all,
I want to start a series of post on our other less used ham bands, and to start the series out one of our most over looked bands the 220 Mhz 1.25 meter band.  The band has access to every license class  so any amateur radio operator can use this band. Here is an interesting video I found that talks  about the 1.25 meter band.  Take a moment and you might learn something new.

It’s a great band, with characteristics similar to 144-148 MHz, and has certain real advantages over the 2 Meter band.220 MHz is alive and well in areas where hams aren’t afraid to experiment and think outside the normal 2-Meter/70-CM realm. While there isn’t a ton of commercially available amateur equipment available these days for 220 MHz they can be found new and used.  With a quality radio, you can drive around almost anywhere in CSQ mode and the noise floor is next to nothing. Radio amateurs will lose this band unless we make better use of it than we do at present. Amateurs in the US lost 220 to 222 MHz some years ago.

E-Bay link for used radios:


Bridge Com 1.25 Radio:

1.25 Meters (222-225 MHz) Band Plan:

222.0-222.150 Weak-signal modes
222.0-222.025 EME
222.05-222.06 Propagation beacons
222.1 SSB & CW calling frequency
222.10-222.15 Weak-signal CW & SSB
222.15-222.25 Weak signal, repeater inputs, control
222.25-223.38 FM repeater inputs only
223.40-223.52 FM simplex
223.52-223.64 Digital, packet
223.64-223.70 Links, control
223.71-223.85 Local coordinator’s option; FM simplex, packet, repeater outputs
223.85-224.98 Repeater outputs only

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