Our Other Bands – 12 meter

The 12 meter band is one of the three WARC bands. The 12 meters (24.890–24.990 MHz) were named after the World Administrative Radio Conference, which in 1979 created a worldwide allocation of these bands for amateur use. The bands were opened for use in the early 1980s. Due to their relatively small bandwidth of 100 kHz or less, there is a gentlemen’s agreement that the WARC bands may not be used for general contesting.

Very heavily influenced by the sunspot cycle. At the bottom of the cycle it is suitable only for very short distance groundwave communications only, for long periods of time. At the peak of the cycle it is capable of communications over thousands of miles with a minimum of equipment. Another nice mobile band when conditions are right.

12 Meters – US Band Plan
General, Advanced, Amateur Extra classes:
24.890-24.930 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data
24.930-24.990 MHz: CW, Phone, Image

Support our Steel City proposed antenna 2018 upgrade plan which includes a HF antenna that will work the WARC bands

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