Meet your new antenna’s

Here is Steel City big plans for summer.   We are going to need several work parties to get all the work done, but to get you excited about the antenna improvements at the club house here are some of the details for the new HF antennas.  The Mosley antenna will be mounted on the replacement tower to the right of the club house.  And the Hex Beam antenna is going to be mounted on the far tower down by the cell tower. The club house will now go from 2 HF beam antenna’s to 4 beam HF antenna’s with two of the beam being able to do 40 meters. Combine with our HyTower vertical we will have some major power on the HF bands.

Mosley PRO-67-C-3 Transmits on the follow bands 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 Meter antenna with 3 Elements on 12, 15, 17, 20 , 40 meters and 4 Elements on 10 meters, and it has a rotatable dipole on 30 meters.  With a 3 inch OD Heavy Wall Boom
One antenna with actual resonant elements, 4 elements on 10, 3 elements on 12, 3 elements on 15, 3 elements on 17, 3 elements on 20, 1 element on 30 Meters, and
3 elements on 40 Meters.

Model PRO-67-C-3
Frequency, MHz 28, 24, 21, 18, 14, 10, 7
Power Rating, watts CW 2500
Power Rating, watts SSB 5000
Power Rating, AM/FM 600
Power Rating, RTTY/AMTOR 600
VSWR at frequency 1.0/1 to 1.6/1
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 10 m 9.3 / 4
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 12 m 8.3 / 3
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 15 m 8.3 / 3
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 17 m 8.3 / 3
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 20 m 8.2 / 3
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 30 m 0.0 / 1
Forward Gain, dBd / Elements on 40 m 6.8 / 3
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 10 m 24
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 12 m 15
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 15 m 24
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 17 m 25
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 20 m 24
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 30 m 0
Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 40 m 24
Boom Length 24 ft / 7.32 m
Maximum Element Length 43.75 ft / 13.34 m
Turning Radius 23.67 ft / 7.21 m
Mast Mount Hardware (equipped) 2 in / 5.08 cm
Assembled Weight 145 lbs / 65.77 kg
Wind Surface Area 12.1 sq ft / 1.12 sq m
Wind Load, EIA Standard 80 MPH 330 lbs / 149.69 kg
Warranty 2 years
Recommended Coax RG-8 / RG-213

DX Engineering HEXX Beam Antenna

DX Engineering Mark 2 HEXX Beam Antennas offer gain and front-to-back performance that will exceed your expectations! Their unique shape is much smaller, better balanced, and has been reported to receive less noise than typical beams. Even at 22 feet across and 4 feet tall, their turning radius is less than a two element 20 meter Yagi, while offering several enhanced operating characteristics. They handle well over legal limit power on all five bands, so there is no power restriction as on competing antennas. DX Engineering HEXX Beams are very efficient, with full length elements and no lossy coils or traps, requiring no matching network so they are ready for a single 50 ohm coax feed at the top of the center post, as recommended by the engineer. They are light, easy-to-handle antennas that can be rotated with a light duty rotator, and they perform really well–even when mounted in the clear only 20 to 30 ft. above the ground.

DXE Part Number:DXE-HEXX-5TAP-2
HF Beam Antenna Type: Hexagonal
HF Beam Antenna Band Coverage:20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meters
HF Beam Antenna Elements:10
HF Beam Element Material:Insulated wire
Antenna Power Rating:2,500 W
Beam Antenna Turning Radius:11.00 ft.
Wind Surface Area:5.050 sq. ft.
Feedpoint Impedance:50 ohm
Antenna Feedline Connection Type:UHF female, SO-239
Antenna Weight:24.90 lbs.

Beam Antenna Gain:5.3 dBi

Beam Antenna F/B (dB):Over 20.0 dB
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