Message from Chief Army MARS

As suggested by Billy Joe,  N3VEF/AAR3OY 

 Below is a message put out to MARS Stations (Military Affiliate Radio System)  from Chief Army MARS regarding a Comex exercise we just did.  This is only one example of many such exercises we do in MARS on a regular basis.  I’m passing this along in an attempt to spark an interest in anyone who might want to join MARS.  With the World affairs  the way they are right now, I think having a MARS Licenses is a valuable thing to have.  On are NETS we regularly have the Pentagon (AAR3PNT) CK in, the PA National Guard, TSA Agencies, etc., just to name a few CK in.  Right now I’m the only Licensed MARS Station at the Club.  In the past we’ve had several other members who were in MARS (Doug W3HH, Bobby N3LL, Mac W3MAC, & Sue KA3JKS).  It would be nice to have someone else in the Club with an interest in MARS.  If your Radio isn’t modified to go out of the Amateur Bands, on problem.  We have a system similar to Echolink that allows Stations to CK in using the Internet & the TeamSpeak Program.  Anyone with an interest just get in touch with me.
I’ll be more than glad to Elmer you along.  73 & Happy Labor Day Weekend.
Billy Joe,  N3VEF/AAR3OY

Please distro to all Army MARS members:

Last week, 600 members of both Army and Air Force MARS put their
communication skills to the test during the quarterly DOD comex 18-3.
Responding to a simulated set of circumstances, MARS members were charged
with providing various information reports from the local and county areas
through the MARS HF network to the supported DOD headquarters using a
military standard communications protocol.

Members were further challenged during a portion of the exercise by only
operating during evening/night time hours when propagation is more
challenging. Throughout the exercise, MARS members used both traditional
single channel voice communications as well as establishing communications
links using 2G automatic link establishment.

Thanks to all the MARS stations who trained during this comex. Regardless if
you served as major/minor relay station, a net control station, a duty
officer, or provided your information messages for relay to the supported
headquarters, you are an important link in the communications chain. Well
done! Don’t forget to submit your after action reports so we can continue to
improve how we execute our mission.

Chief, Army MARS

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