Edmund Fitzgerald – QSL certificate


View Cert – Click Here: http://w3kwh.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/W3KWH.pdf

Dear Amateur Radio Operator,
TNX for being part of the WØJH “Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald” Split Rock Lighthouse Special Event! Attached is the QSL certificate you requested for our November 2-4, 2018 event.
TNX again for your contact with WØJH Special Event Station; we hope you can join us again!
Dave Glas (WØOXB)
Special Events Chair & Past President
Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA)
P.S. February 16-18, 2019, we’ll be operating another special event; this time from one of Minnesota’s frozen lakes! Look for SARA’s “Ice Station WØJH” Special Event. Times and frequencies will be posted onQRZ.com (under WØJH), the SARA and ARRL web sites under Special Events and in the Feb. issue of “QST”. 
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