10-Meter Contest – Dec 8-9th

Objective: For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible on the 10 meter band.

Dates: Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 8-9, 2018)

Bands and Modes: 10 meters only. SSB and CW only.

Contest Exchange:
W/VE stations (including Hawaii and Alaska) send RS(T) and state or province (District of Columbia stations send signal report and DC).

DX stations (including KH2, KP4, etc) send RS(T) & sequential serial number starting with 001.

Mexican stations transmit RS(T) and their state.

Maritime mobile stations send RS(T) and ITU Region (R1, R2 or R3).

Scoring: QSO points:
Two points for each complete two-way phone QSO.
Four points for each two-way CW QSO.

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