Mosley Antenna Now Open For Use

Karl, WA3VXJ make the first contact with KT1H on our new Mosley antenna,  and with that it is now officially open for use.  Thanks for all those that help getting this antenna off the ground. 

Now Play Nice!

Special thanks to all those that braved the very cold tower raising party.   Without the help of these active members this antenna wold be still sitting on the ground…

  • WA3VXJ, Karl P.
  • WB3AGB, Joe F.
  • N3PSP, Tim B.
  • W3SVJ, Nate F.
  • KA3YNO, Walt A.
  • WA3FWA, Joe M.
  • WA3BKD, Art M.

Also helping with the old tower removal and all the other tower climbing he did.

  • KB3PJW Matt D.
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