Breezeshooters Ground Wave Contest

Stay tune dates might be changing… 

The first Breezeshooters Ground Wave CW Contest is Feb 16th from 8pm to midnight ET. . The Breezeshooters Ground Wave Contests usually fall on the 3rd Saturday evening of the months of  February is CW, and March is SSB.


This year they are:

  • February 16   CW mode. CW portion of the Ten Meter band.
  • March 16       SSB mode in the phone mode portions of the Ten Meter Band.

Time: 8 pm to midnight ET for all contests.

Where: Ten Meter Band within specific portions of the ten meter band, depending on operating mode.The communications exchange between stations is: CALL SIGN and GRID Square Number. The GRID Square is based on a specific local geographic area location. The participant can determine their Grid Square number from the enclosed map in  the attachment. As an example if you are in Allegheny County the Grid Square is most likely 25. Please note this contest Grid Square is not the same as used in various VHF/UHF contest, such as falls in the format FN00xx. It is a two digit number numbered from 1 to 49.

For more information:  [When posted]

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