WASH 2 Meter Contest

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 from 7 to 11 PM

This January will mark the Nineteenth Annual WASH 2 Meter Contest. We’ve already had a lot of interest in it, and this year promises to be even more exciting! Everyone who participated in it the last eighteen years had a blast, & we hope to continue the tradition again this year! Rules were been revised before the 2013 event, following feedback from participants, and we have a new address for mailing your logs — please make certain that you use this year’s address!

• To make as many contacts as possible
• To have fun!

Band, Mode & Frequencies: The contest will take place solely
on 2 meter band.
• FM : FM simplex only, no repeater contacts. The FM
frequencies are all standard 2 Meter simplex frequencies, as
per the ARRL 2 Meter Band Plan, every 15 kHz, from
146.505 to 146.595 MHz , and 147.450 to 147.580 MHz.
Use of simplex frequencies in the “FM Experimental
Simplex” band of 145.510 to 145.670 are not recommended.
See list of recommended simplex channels at the end of the

  • CW: 144.05 to 144.1 MHz Only. (See ARRL 2 Meter band
  • SSB & AM: 144.2 to 144.275 MHz Only. (See ARRL 2
    Meter band plan).
  • Digital (including RTTY): 144.51 to 144.55 MHz. (See
    ARRL 2 Meter band plan) Multiple digital modes may be
    used, and participants are free to use any generally
    accepted Digital mode, but only ONE Digital QSO with a
    given station regardless of mode

For More Information See: http://n3sh.org/2M/2019 WASH 2M Contest.pdf

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