Uniontown ARC- Digital

UARCLogoThe Uniontown ARC, W3PIE, is hosting an event that is focused on 2 aspects of digital voice radio – Saturday, June 8th at the club property – 433 Old Pittsburgh Road in Uniontown, PA. We will start off with a System Fusion WIRES-X networking seminar, which will cover ways to connect to WIRES-X rooms. We will also cover detailed instructions on adding area club repeaters and individual nodes to an “intercom” room throughout Western Pennsylvania – that is also being hosted by the UARC as another way to further serve our amateur radio community. This session will be led by Cory Sickles, WA3UVV and will take place in the new club annex building – starting at 10:00.

Later, we will have a DMR programming workshop, where attendees will learn the skills needed to set up and change the codeplugs of Baofeng, TYT, Anytone, etc. radios, when needed. Use of the radios with repeaters and network points of presence (Openspot, Zumspot, etc.) will also be covered. This session will be led by Dylan Beatty, KC3DMR and will take place in the main clubhouse – starting at 13:00.
For this session, you should bring your fully-charged radio, programming cable, and laptop with software installed. If you do not already have a DMR subscriber ID number, you will need to obtain one in advance.

During the noon hour, we will take a break for lunch and give everyone the opportunity to know each other better. We will have freshly grilled hamburgers and hot dogs – prepared by our grill masters – with chips and pop. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must register in advance, as seating is limited.

If you wish to attend, you need to do it today. Send an email to WA3UVV@ARRL.NET – including your name, call, telephone number, and which event you wish to attend (you may sign up for both). If you are signing up for the DMR workshop, please let us know what model of radio you have, as well. Any additional information that may be of value will be appreciated, too.
We look forward to seeing you!

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