Summer Projects – Power

Looking for something to do this summer?  Building a go box or just want a power connection in your car dash mount?   Here are a couple nice power pole panel mounts that you can get.


High output capacity of up to 45A on each Powerpole. Includes (4) 30A contacts. Fits 1-1/8″ dia. hole.  Dual outputs and the company offers many identical accessories to go with it.

$4.00  or $14.00 for 4 units

Panel mount for a pair of Anderson Powerpole connectors, this fits the Anderson (And Clones) PP15-PP45 (15a-45a) #1327 housings. 3D printed has options for other colors. Single power pole connection.  Lower cost version of the above. or 4x units

USB B Round Panel Mount Extension Cable - 30cm

$4.95 – $9.95

this USB B Round Panel Mount Extension Cable is the easiest and fastest way to panel-ify your project. Use it for power or for data this will make for a nice looking project.

Full Size USB “B”

Micro “B” Size

USB “C” Size

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