Keystone WPA Room – Wires X now active

Update! The Steel City has join Uniontown ARC and Skyview ARC on the WPA Keystone room. When you talk on the UHF repeater {Using the digital mode} your voice will also be repeated on those machines. You can switch to other room but when done it will default back to the WPA room



KEYSTONE-WEST is live!  Just initiate a WIRES-X connection to “KEYSTONE-WEST” from your displayed room list – or – enter the ID of 60328, to connect.  We look forward to making this a very active digital watering hole for hams in Western Pennsylvania, as well as others who want to join in.  Looking forward to talking with you there!

Exciting Times!  The experimental connection to DWARN has been terminated, as we will soon launch the “KEYSTONE-WEST” WIRES-X room in WPA.  We should have it operational next week.  A new announcement will follow.
Cory Sickles – WA3UVV

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