Meet your new antenna – Hex Beam

NA4RR Hex Beam

Steel City members  meet the newest antenna in our family. The NA4RR Hex Beam antenna  has  arrived and has been put together.  The technical committee is current arranging an lift so we will be announcing the antenna party soon.  We still need to do the final check out and tuning which should be done within this next week.

clink image to see the full sizeSo come on up to the club house this next social to get a good look before it goes up on the tower.  Plus learn how it works and how it is put together.  See how it might be good for your station if you have limited space.

How Does it Work


Gain Peak Approx 5.5 dBi
Front/Back Peak > 20dB
VSWR Less than 2:1 across nearly all bands
Turn Radius 10.8 Ft
Diameter of Beam 21.6 Ft
Height of Beam 39″ from base to top of center post
Weight 25 lbs
Wind Load Area < 5 sq ft
Power Handles full legal limit

A hex beam antenna looks like the loops are a continuous loop but they are not.  The driven/forward  elements make an “W” shape dipole  with the feed point on the center post.  The rear element has a insulated Kevlar string separating it from the driven element with a small gap. So you can see it is not an continuous loop  of wire.  The sizes of the loop goes from small { 10m } to the larges loop { 40m } with each loop doing a different band.  Our antenna will cover 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 ,40 meters.


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