Attention – Simplex Test

UPDATE – Still on for Sat March 21st

The Allegheny County EC, NU3Q will be doing a Two Meter Simplex test on Saturday March 21st from 10-11 AM. We will be testing on 146.550 MHz between the Steel City club house and the Red Cross Building and the National Weather Service.  NU3Q will be looking for someone to operate from  from the Red Cross & NWS.  All hams are invited to participate in this drill from their homes and roving in their cars. Please call  W3KWH on 146.550 Mhz and let them know your location and power levels.

UPDATE: NU3Q will be doing a check in on the 147.090 machine before the simplex test begins. So check into the N. Hill repeater before you goto to the 146.55 Mhz frequency.

UPDATE: The NWS is closed now to the public there will be no operations from there

There will be a SET Drill on April 4th using HF and the North Hill 147.090 Machine.  Simplex on 2m might be tried out then too.  More details on the SET Drill are to follow soon.



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