W3VXT Memorial 2 Meter Simplex Contest

W3VXT Memorial 2 Meter Simplex Contest

This September, let’s continue the tradition that Dave W3VXT started. Everyone who participated in the last few years had a blast and we hope to continue the tradition again this year.

Date & Time: Saturday September 19th 2020. 7pm to 10pm local time.

Objective: To make as many contacts as possible simplex only, no repeaters… and to have fun!

Exchange: Callsign, Contact Number Zipcode

Contacts: Work as many different calls and locations as possible. Work each station one per zip code. Mobile can rework stations whenever they change locations. Remember that hilltops work best.

Recommended FM Simplex Frequencies: 146.505Mhz 146.520Mhz 146.535Mhz 146.550Mhz 146.545Mhz 146.580Mhz

Send score sheet only to email N3WHJOE@gmail.com or mail to

1020 Bonniebrook Road
Butler PA 16002

For more information and logging sheets goto the www.W3UDX.org

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