FYI – Hamshack Hotline Users

Hi folks,

We’re seeing RECORD spike in growth (a good thing). This proves that HH is a valuable and popular service for the Ham community. As such, we’re also seeing a large number of lines not connected (abandoned numbers).

Numbers on HH are a precious and valuable commodity. Because of the record growth we are seeing, we are now tightening our policy to reclaim numbers that show to be abandoned. If your phone does not stay connected to the network more than 30 consecutive days, we reserve the right to reclaim your number and issue it to someone else.

On HHUS alone, we currently have 1717 provisioned lines, of which 660 are showing OFFLINE. If your phone is not online, please be sure to keep it connected. We are automating this process to reduce the burden on our team.

Thanks for your attention to this matter as we continue to experience record growth.

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