Learn Morse Code with VBand

This project was created by two friends who wanted to (re)learn CW, but didn’t regularly have great propagation between them to practice, and were a bit embarrassed to get on the air at their current skill level. While it allows code to be sent with a keyboard as either a paddle or straight key, it really shines using the USB paddle interface below.

The goal was to make a fun way to practice sending and receiving CW with a buddy, without worrying about a radio, an antenna, a license, good propagation, or RF noise.

Try it out: https://hamradio.solutions/vband/

The USB paddle interface allows sending with an actual paddle or straight key instead of the computer keyboard. The adapter connects to a computer with a USB cable, and has a 3.5mm TRS jack for the paddle / straight key connection.

Paddle Or Straight Key USB Adapter

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