Business Meeting Tuesday @ 8:00PM

Attention Steel City Members there will be a Zoom Business meeting this Tuesday Dec 15th. at 8:00 PM.  This will be the finally meeting for year 2020 please be there.  If you have any items for the meeting please bring the up to Richie & Christine before the meeting.  They can be reached at N3SBF {at} COMCAST {dit} NET and N3LRG {at} W3KWH {dit} COM.

An email link will be sent out tuesday morning for the web link to the meeting.  Anyone that has a pending reading for membership please email Christine for the link to the meeting.

Please NOTE! The club house will be closed for this event.  Please do not go to the club house. Too many people are dying right now to have a gathering at the club of more than one person at a time.  Anyone operating from the club house will be denied access to the Zoom Meeting.

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