How can you help the club?

We are looking for some good volunteers!

This club has been around since 1941 and the only way this club continues to exists is by having volunteers to help out around the club. So since we are starting a new year soon please consider helping out at the club by volunteering for one of the different committees.  We are in need of some additional members in the Tech, Membership, Education, and Public Service committees.

Tech Committee members need to be good with not only radios but computers also.  We need members that are good at researching issues and finding there own fixes to issues.

Membership Committee members will help vet incoming members to the club.   Also act as a welcoming committee to visitors to the club house.  Will to show folk around the club house and its grounds.

Club House members help maintain the grounds and the building.  Cutting the grass, cleaning the club house, clearing brush. Mainly keep the place looking as good as it did in 1941.

Public Service Committee members help out with our many public service events.  Including Drills, Skywarn, and Public Demos. This reflect greatly to the public view of ham radio and also letting the Ham Community seeing us in actions.

Education Committee also helps out at public events and help with training opportunities like Scouting, and Tech classes. Members should look for opportunities to bring experts in to teach classes during out meetings.

VE Committee are members that have completed the VE testing certifications and are willing to help out with our VE testing sessions.

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