Software Define Radio’s

Do you know with as many servers we have out in the “Hut”, that Steel City club runs a SDR Receiver from the club house.  It was installed by W2BRS and has been online for many years now.  The primary purpose is to let operators listen to their own transmissions and to quick check on band conditions. The receiver also picks up the most popular Short Wave radio stations and the popular AM Broadcast band.  We have most of the clear channel station bookmarked on the receiver so it’s easy to tune to any of them. So if you want to listen to the ball game from another city at night the AM band become alive and you can listen to cities from around the country.

Steel City SDR Receiver:

Here are some of the most popular frequencies:
KDKA AM RADIO – 1.020 Mhz
ECARS 40m Moring Net – 7.255 – {Most Days Mornings}
PA Health and Wellness Net – 3.983 Mhz – {Weekdays 9:00 AM}
Breezeshooter 10m Net– 28.480 Mhz – {Mondays 9:00 PM}

Want to listen to more options? Mike King, WA3PYU use these next two websites to listen to weak signals from the net’s he listen too around the state.  These are useful for checking your signal since the SCARC receiver can be desensitize by our transmitters so close.

Look here for SDR receivers from around the world:

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