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Sunday Nov 8th  from 10 am to 5 pm  –  We Will Be “K3D”
Please consider working this special event station and support the SCARC club. So let Bob know if you want to work an hour or two and when on Nov 8th

RSVP to Bob NU3Q  —>  nu3q {at} nu3q {dit} us

Our remote operating location – Click on Address for Google directions
Note on Sunday Nov 8th you do not need to feed the parking meters
You will most like bring a folding chair if you want to hang out.

Click Here For Directions To Site

102 West Pike Street
Cannonsburg, PA, 15317

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Thanks to John Rakoczky KA3SZO, a member of the Steel City club, for letting us use his commercial retail space in downtown Canonsburg to operate the KDKA special event station. He informed me the “COVID safe capacity” of his large retail space is fifty (50). In keeping with Governor Wolf’s 20% mandate, I recommend we keep it to no more than ten (10) people at his QTH and that we socially distance appropriately and use masks as conditions warrant.

The location of his building is 102 West Pike Street – Canonsburg 15317. It is located across the street from the Frank Sarris Public Library. There is limited parking in the lot across the street, otherwise you will have to park on the street. He has a bathroom in the rear of the space. I loaned John my 40 meter and 80 meter dipoles and my two 100 foot coax jumpers. He will mount the 40 meter dipole on the roof of his building and stretch the 80 meter dipole inside the attic. His building is 3 stories high and I have used my 40 meter dipole on his roof successfully before. John will get the PR out for us as well.

Please join the KDKA 100 mail list to stake your place on the calendar. Please note the calendar is filling up fast and keep in mind there are four (4) special event call signs available for use on any given day.

Zoom Meeting @ Wed Night 7:30 PM

Zoom Meeting

Wednesday Night 7:30 PM

Attention Steel City Members there will be a social zoom meeting with a quick discussion about Ham Shack Hotline.  What is it, how to buy the phone, and how to get it set up.  We will also talk to see if people are interested in a group buy.  Where as the club will buy and provision the phone and the members pay for them.   Will also offer a live demo on how to call someone and some of the special features of Ham Shack Hotline.

After the demo with will spend the rest of the night have a social night!  Watch for the invite tomorrow morning from the club email reflector.  New members send an email to N3LRG (at) W3KWH (dit) COM to be included.

Ham Radio Deep-Space Network

The RV-750 joins its permanent siblings for testing at the N2QG antenna gardenSo you want to track NASA at Mars?  Here is an very interesting read from one amature work at receiving signal from NASA space crafts that are not only enroute to Mars but also in orbit around Mars.  Just some of the spacecrafts that he has received are Bepi-Colombo,  Mars Express, MRO, and OSIRIS-ReX to name some of the few.   He still hope to expand his system even more to pick up Juno that is in orbit around Jupiter.

So do you think you have an antenna farm just read his white paper what he has done to do this impossible task.

Read: “Amateur DSN Lessons Learned (so far…).”

IC-705 QRP Rig Review @ Zoom

ICOM IC-705 ZIC-705I am pleased to announce that Harry, W3YJ will give a talk starting at 6 PM on October 27 via Zoom. Harry will present his latest experience with the new Icom IC-705 QRP radio. He will also compare to his Elecraft KX3. Thanks to Harry, W3YJ.

Hosted By: Mercer County Amateur Radio Club
To Join Zoom MONTHLY CLUB Meeting:

Meeting ID: 563 685 301
Password: 73


ARRL Online Auction

The 2020 ARRL Online Auction is now live and will run October 15th -22nd, 2020 10 PM.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the fun and bid on a variety of items at the Oct 15th -20th annual ARRL Online Auction to benefit ARRL educational programs.

We suggest you read through the “Help” section, listing bidding tips as well as the link to our Help Desk should you need assistance.

Link to the auction: