World Scout Jamboree — NA1WJ Station

World Scout Jamboree — NA1WJ Station

You can work the World Scout Jamboree station July 22 to August 1.

We will be posting our operating frequencies in real time on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join our email group at

See Amateur Radio Live from the Jamboree for detailed information on frequencies.

Steel City Members:  Please keep an eye on this the scout will be looking for some contact and they will need our help

SSB in MHz: 28.390, 24.960, 21.360, 18.140, 14.290, 7.190, 3.940

PSK-31 in MHz: 28.120, 24.920, 21.080, 18.100, 14.070, 10.142, 7.080, 3.580

EchoLink: Conference *JAMBO* (node 832996).
Please plan to connect via *JAMBO* conference for best results.

CW: There will be limited operation on CW as time permits. See Scouting Frequencies.

SATELLITES: We will be active on the FM and SSB satellites.

Wall Street Tries Shortwave Radio

Wall Street Tries Shortwave Radio to Make High-Frequency Trades Across the Atlantic

Editor Note: While this is not an direct amateur related article it is using our technology. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt our small bands.

Read the full article here:  IEEE Spectrum 

Shortwave radio is venerable technology, dating back to the early part of the 20th century. Radio amateurs, often called hams, use it to contact one another around the world with modest equipment. So it’s surprising, really, that high-frequency traders have only lately begun to take advantage of this technique. But that appears to be what is happening.

I say “appears” because there’s only indirect evidence that traders are pursuing this approach. Most comes from Bob Van Valzah, a software engineer and networking specialist who characterizes himself as a “latency buster.” By chance, he stumbled on an odd-looking cell tower in West Chicago, near where he lives, and after much investigation  concluded that the giant antennas sprouting from it were sending signals about goings on at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to trading centers in Europe.

Who exactly is using this link? If you dig through the FCC’s online license database, you can find that although the official license for the West Chicago tower that Van Valzah investigated was awarded to one company, the “real party of interest” is IMC B.V., a technology-driven trading firm that has invested in McKay Brothers [PDF] and thus is no stranger to the value of low-latency radio links.

Read the full article here:  IEEE Spectrum

Here is another more detail post on what is going on here:


440 Antenna Work Party Pictures

Click here to see the pictures from our latest work party at the club house while we clean up the Mosley antenna area and raised the 440 antenna off the ground level finally, and started the work on the Hex Beam.

Click on any of the images to go into the full gallery

2019 Corn Roast


August 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM 

This is open to all Steel City ARC member and pending members.  Bring your YL and kids and enjoy this annual get together with the whole Steel City family.

For More Information See the Corn Roast Website

Please send Carol your RSVP so she can get a good head count
she can be emailed at the follow address. 

RSVP byJuly 16th

Apollo 11 Special Event Stations

Special Event Stations to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing

A number of Amateur Radio special event stations will be (or already are) on the air during July to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969.The list includes:

N8A, until July 24, Midwest VHF/UHF Society, West Chester, Ohio;
WB4ICJ, July 14 – 20, Kennedy Space Center;
N1A, July 14 – 28, Milford (Ohio) Amateur Radio Club;
N4A, July 16 – 25, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Amateur Radio Club;
K2M, July 16 – 24, Great South By Amateur Radio Club (honoring those who built the LEM on Long Island);
K2CAM, July 16 – 24, Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club;
N5A, July 18 – 21, Razorback Contest Club,Springdale, Arkansas;
W3A, July 18 – 23, the National Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club (K3NEM);
W4A, July 19 – 21, Huntsville (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club;
K8QYL, July 20, Reservoir Amateur Radio Association;
K9MOT, July 20 – 21, Motorola Amateur Radio Club;
N0M, July 20 – 22, South East Metro Amateur Radio Club;
K1M, July 20 – 28, Stratford Amateur Radio Club;
GB5EHL, until July 28, Leicester Radio Society “Eagle Has Landed” commemoration,
PA11APOLLO, until August 2, in the Netherlands.

Search for additional Apollo 11 special event stations on the ARRL website.

NU3Q on TV

Bob NU3Q was  on the K5KUB Amateur Radio Roundtable show on July 9th.  He gave his “Go Box” demonstration on the show, and  below is the link to the show.  If you missed the demo he put on at the club you can catch it here.  Steel City was mention during the presentation.

Click this link to see the whole show:

Or click on the video below to go directly to Bob’s segment.

Our very own Bob, NU3Q will be on the K5KUB.COM Amateur Radio Round Table Program with his Go Box.   So it should be interesting discussion about go boxes.  Watch him Tuesday Night at 9 PM after our 2m net.