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W3KWH Echolink News:

Visitors to Pittsburgh wanting to connect to your home/club Echolink node can now do so through the W3KWH node.

To connect to a remote node via RF with your DTMF touchpad - press # nnnnn, where nnnnn is your home/club Echolink node number.

To disconnect from your remote node press # # .

EchoLink software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate over the Internet using Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) technology.

The official EchoLink website is here.

EchoLink Firewall / Internet Security Settings

Most PC users today incorporate a "firewall" for security protection when connected to the internet. While most contemporary firewall / security software will recognize new software applications as they attempt to communicate over the internet for the first time (presenting the user with an interactive prompt to "permit" or "block" the application's activities), many EchoLink users still have difficulty getting "connected" due to their firewall / security settings -- often not realizing those settings are causing the problem(s).

In addition to various security software packages, many modem / router hardware devices require customizing, or allowing communications on specific ports using specific protocols.

Click here to go to a section on EchoLink's web site describing settings for the most common firewall and internet security software and hardware configurations.  If you continue to have difficulty after having read through that section, be sure to check out the EchoLink Troubleshooter Application and FAQs linked from that same page.

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Configuring the Westell DSL Modem for EchoLink is a 620-KB PDF document recommended by SCARC member, N3LL, who found it very helpful in dealing with broadband modem / router issues and EchoLink.

EchoLink Usage Map



Two good PSK reference web sites include the PSK31"Official" Home Page by EA2BAJ,
and K1VY's PSK31 Info Page.

A plain text listing of various digital mode frequencies can be viewed here.

Typical PSK Frequencies:

7035.15 for region 1 and region 3
7080.15 for region 2


WinPSKse - it's free!

Not free, but very nice all digital modes in one: MixW

All software requires a hardware interface between your rig and PC which provides:

 • Audio interface to/from your pc and rig;

 • PTT function between rig and PC.

Here's one example of a typical rig interface; however, you can find many more using your favorite "search engine" by searching with the terms psk + interface.

Check out this web-page, which is dedicated more to Icom, but very helpful in understanding interfacing.


Interfacing Radio with Personal Computer

Uniface Interface: Pin-outs will need to be adjusted when using the first example below. Its design provides full optical isolation between the rig and PC.  Click on the left thumbnail for a full view of the schematic, and on the right one for a full view of the components list.

uniface-full.jpg (124251 bytes)
uniface-components.jpg (111290 bytes)

The following are examples of hardware interfaces you can build for Icom transceivers.

FT-847 Interface

847interface.jpg (169695 bytes)  yaesu847.gif (18164 bytes)
These are electrically the same. One looks more schematic-like, while the other is more of a wiring diagram.

FT-847 PC Software from Kingsmith Software

Generic ICOM Interface

718.jpg (37421 bytes)
IRC - Icom Radio Control

interfacecloseup_(small).jpg (50074 bytes)

W3KWH Interface Building



MMHamsoft has software for both RTTY and SSTV, and they're FREE!



Check out our club's received SSTV pictures in our Photo Gallery.

MMHamsoft has software for both RTTY and SSTV...and they're FREE!

A great SLANT calibration website!

Calibration procedures - If you can hear WWV, then you can calibrate to perfection!

SSTV website - GREAT!!!



Hellschreiber is an early facsimile communication, where only upper case letters were transmitted and received. The Hellschreiber was invented by Dr. Rudolf Hell [pdf] in 1929. It was used by the Germans during WW2 and some receivers were built by the British and Americans to intercept enemy communications.

Here's a website describing what Hellschreiber does.



Buxcomm™ offers commercial packet & other communications mode solutions.


Waterfall Picture Gallery

Have a look at our waterfall signature gallery.


New to Digital Modes?

Wonder what digital modes sound like? Try and/or

Another good digital modes web page by WB8NUT. It includes both recordings of what digital signals should sound like, and links to various digital mode software.


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