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ARES • RACES activities in Allegheney County [ Pittsburgh area ]

ATV Antenna Drawing -- Check out photos in our Gallery under Antennas & Towers showing the installation of our ATV Tower & Antenna system.

ATV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Configuring the Westell DSL Modem for EchoLink recommended by N3LL (SCARC)

"Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide"

D-STAR Repeater In Pittsburgh -- The North Hills Amateur Radio Club has the first D-STAR Repeater in the Pittsburgh area; operating on 444.35 MHz as part of the D-STAR network, detailed information is available here.

Fox Hole Radio Demo by Larry Martin, living in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert, Arizona, and a former elementary school teacher, gave us permission to display his "foxhole radio" video posted on The project "speaks" for itself as Larry's done an excellent job with both labeling the components and providing viewers with a video tour of his creation.

Georgia Copper -- This site has many articles on lighting protection and grounding for the Ham shack.  Georgia Copper manufacturers copper products for commercial radio and TV station, and Amateur Radio grounding and bonding needs.

HF Radio Propagation Primer by AE4RV

Historical Dates in Radio

MMRTTY Free RTTY software from MMHamSoft

MMSSTV Free Slow Scan Software from MMHamSoft

Mobile Amateur Radio Operators -- Alan Applegate [K0BG] of Roswell, New Mexico, has articles on amplifiers, antennas, bonding, impedance matching, installing hardware, mobile equipment, noise and RFI abatement, wiring, and much more:

N1MM Logger at Yahoo groups or their main website

NASA Space Shuttle Mission Countdown Timer -- This link will open a pop-up window with an embedded java applet which commincates continously with NASA's offical countdown clock. The top line is the actual countdown timer, while the middle line displays UTC in DayOfYear|hh|mm|ss format, and the bottom line displays the launch status.  An FAQ page discussing the Countdown Timer applet's accuracy, etc. is available here, and a comprehensive outline of scheduled holds beginning with "T-43 hours and counting" is available here.

ON1CAU's Satellite Page has been serving hams on the internet for seven years.

QSL Bureau System explained

RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing -- A Ham's Guide is an excellent reference by James Brown [K9YC] of Audio Systems Group, Inc. Download a ZIP'ed copy of the 60-page document complete with full color illustrations here [3.4-MB]; or, read the 3.6-MB PDF document on-line here.

Skywarn Training for Pittsburgh area Hams

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Q:  What makes an engineer and/or ham radio operator?
A: "The Knack"

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