Steel City Repeaters
2 Meters
Kenwood TRK750
Kenwood TRK-750
147.030+ Mhz  -  PL 123 - FM
Antenna is on top of a 53 foot tower
Currently transmitting with 25 watts of power.

Scheduled to be replaced shortly with a 2 Meter Yaesu  System Fusion
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70 cm Repeater
Yausu DR1
System Fusion
Yaesu DR-1 Repeater
444.45+ Mhz - PL 103.5 - FM and/or C4FM
Antenna is about 35 feet midway up the tower
Currently transmitting with 20 watts of power

NOTE! - Non C4FM users/radios please set your PL tone for "Encode" and "Decode"  The repeater will transmit an PL tone of 103.5 if you have the "Decode option on  you will continue to hear all FM transmisions.  This will also block the digital noise you will hear.

NOTE! - C4FM users/radios we recomend that you leave your radio on "AUTO" so that you can hear the digital and analog transmissions.

This repeater is currently undergoing testing.  It is working off its internal controller and can not be linked to the 2 meter machine.

Steel City Echolink - Node #147030
 EchoLink [ node # 147030 ] @ Steel City 2 Meter Repeater
Connect from your home computer or phone app
Connect to other stations or repeater from around the world

Visitors to Pittsburgh wanting to connect to your home/club Echolink node can now do so through the W3KWH node.

To connect to a remote node via RF with your DTMF touchpad - press # nnnnn, where nnnnn is your home/club Echolink node number.

To disconnect from your remote node press # # .

SCARC's 2-meter repeater has been online with the EchoLink network [node # 147030 ] since the weekend of March, 2006.  The usage map above was compiled on April 13, 2010.  A higher resolution interactive version of the map is available here.

Connect to our node #147030 to
Join us on our Tuesday night net 8:00 PM Local Time

Steel City Beacons
Currently no beacon are on the air - Comments are welcome

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