Balloons Update

Here is the latest balloon updates for the BSA balloon launch.

K2BSA-11: Unkown

K2BSA-12: Has been looping in the Atlantic ocean and has decided to show up heading to Puerto Rico

K2BSA Radio Balloon Launch

They have launched and 2nd balloon today July 25th. Watch the video below and you can track this one by following the links for K2BSA-12.  Currently K2BSA-11 is over the Atlantic ocean and we will have to wait until it gets near land to see if it made the ocean crossing.!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FK2BSA-12&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Balloon Launch — July 25, 2017

Balloon launch followed by successful tracking

Posted by K2BSA on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Also our own AE3JM has some time to do SOTA activation this morning…

Activating Garden Ground Mountain (SOTA WV8/NR-058) on satellite this morning at the National Boy Scout Jamboree.
Jason AE3JM

FROM July 21st….

The K2BSA staff launched an ARHAB balloon from the Summit on July 21.

You can track the balloon at the following links:!mt=roadmap&mz=8&qm=1_day&f=K2BSA-11

The Passing of Jack Layton W9UK

From: Observer-Reporter  

Deacon Jack Layton, 76, of McMurray, passed away Friday, July 14, 2017.
Deacon Layton was retired from active ministry at St. Benedict the Abbot Parish, Peters Township, where he served since coming to the diocese in 1984. He was ordained for the Diocese of Joliet in 1981 and served at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Bolingbrook, Ill. He was incardinated in the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 1997.
He worked as a certified broadcast engineer and consultant to broadcasting services. During his career, he worked at many radio stations in Pittsburgh, including KDKA as engineering manager. He received his Amateur Radio License in 1954 and broadcast under the calling name “W9UK.”
Deacon Layton was an avid reader and passionate about literature. Over the course of his life, he published several books and articles.
Surviving are his wife, Catherine; a daughter, Judith Layton Jones; a son, Christopher Layton and fiancée Julia Marple; a grandson, Aiden Marple; two sisters, Kathleen DeCesari (Charles) and Patricia Clark (Jack); and numerous nieces and nephews.
Deceased are a sister, Mary Hennessey (Fran survives), and a brother, Paul Layton (Michele survives).
Family and friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday and noon to 2 p.m., the time of Mass, Friday, July 21, in the chapel of St. Benedict the Abbot Church, Peters Township, with Bishop William Winter as celebrant. Interment will be in Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Peters Township. Arrangements are entrusted to Beinhauer Funeral Home, McMurray, 724-941-3211.
The family asks, due to allergies, donations be made to at

Live from the Jamboree!

Live from the Jamboree!

Not able to attend the 2017 National Scout Jamboree?

Here’s how to engage with K2BSA and Jamboree participants as well as Jamboree visitors via amateur radio during the Jamboree from July 19 to 27, with setup operation beginning as early as July 16.

We will be posting our operating frequencies in real time on Facebook and Twitter.

On the Air Frequencies:

SSB in MHz: 28.390, 24.960, 21.360, 18.140, 14.290, 7.190, 3.940

PSK-31 in MHz: 28.120, 24.920, 21.080, 18.100, 14.070, 10.142, 7.080, 3.580

EchoLink: K2BSA-R Demonstration Station (node 4566), WV8BSA-R UHF Repeater (node 6544), NA1WJ-R VHF Repeater (node 873264), Conference *JAMBO* (node 832996). Please plan to connect via *JAMBO* conference for best results.

D-Star: WV8BSA and Reflector 033A — note that during the Jamboree WV8BSA is locked to REF033A, the dedicated Scouting reflector, to avoid problems with linking and unlinking with each operator’s preferences.

CW: There will be limited operation on CW as time permits. See Scouting Frequencies.

QSLs: The current K2BSA Jamboree Logbook can be found at Jamboree Logbook. There is also an online QSL request window on that page, SASE to K5ND will work, plus Logbook of the World will have all QSOs after the Jamboree.

Times of Operation: The Summit Center is only open from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time starting July 19 through the 27. We do hope to operate in the evenings remotely from staff camp, but that’s not assured. Our demonstrations with Scouts will be happening in the daytime and that’s when we need contacts.

From the K2BSA website

Below is an request from our own Jason AE3JM

The K2BSA operation at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Glen Jean, WV is nearly up and operational.  You can find us on Facebook by searching for K2BSA – check us out and see what we’re up to!  New photos and video posted daily.

Scouts arrive onsite tomorrow and we will begin operating in earnest on Thursday.  Hope to see some of you on the air!
Jason AE3JM

National Boy Scout Jamboree

The 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree will be held July 19-28 at the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve in southern West Virginia.  This event is held every 4 years and will draw thousands of Scouts from around the country. There will be an Amateur Radio station onsite (WV8BSA) conducting demonstrations and providing instruction for the Radio Merit Badge.  Also scheduled are a balloon launch with APRS tracking, and a contact with the ISS. A large part of our demonstration will be getting Scouts on the air making QSOs.  If you have some spare time during daylight hours, please consider getting on the air and looking for us so that we can help spark some of the magic we all enjoy in this hobby.
You can look for us on the following frequencies:
SSB:  28.390, 24.960, 21.360, 18.140, 14.290, 7.190, 3.940
PSK:  28.120, 24.920, 21.080, 18.100, 14.070, 10.142, 7.080, 3.580
There will also be some limited CW operation as time permits.
You can find more information about what we’re up to at, under the Jamboree tab.
Hope to see you on the air!
Jason Mueller AE3JM
K2BSA Staff, 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree

W3KWH WSPR Results @ 20 Meters

Our very own Colin K0LIN set up the WSPR transmitter at the club last night.  It is putting out 50 mW of power into the HyTower vertical antenna.  As you can see by the map below  even with 50 mW of power station from around the world can here our magical hill top.   For more details check out  click on the map link at the top right hand side.  If you scroll down you can enter a search just for W3KWH on the 20 meter band and see the latest receptions.
Click on the map for a full size version

Here are the 24 Hours results

Call MHz SNR Reporter RGrid km az
 W3KWH  14.097146  -27  VK2XN  QF59ar  15392  268
 W3KWH  14.097125  -27  I1SOP  JN44lm  6937  54
 W3KWH  14.097157  -25  DK6UG/1  JN49dm  6620  49
 W3KWH  14.097141  -27  DK6UG  JN49cm  6615  49
 W3KWH  14.097179  -25  OZ2JBR  JO65di  6558  42
 W3KWH  14.097146  -24  SWLJO43  JO43xh  6528  44
 W3KWH  14.097177  -25  DL0HT  JO43jb  6471  45
 W3KWH  14.097189  -28  DF2JP  JO31hh  6424  48
 W3KWH  14.097163  -27  PI9ESA  JO22fd  6250  47
 W3KWH  14.097167  -25  EA1FAQ  IN71pn  6115  62
 W3KWH  14.097162  -23  EA8BFK  IL38bo  6068  80
 W3KWH  14.097145  -24  G4ZFQ  IO90ir  5944  51
 W3KWH  14.097145  -23  KL7L  BP51ip  5073  322
 W3KWH  14.097147  -27  N6GN  CM88ok  3635  281
 W3KWH  14.097143  -26  WINSWL  CM88on  3631  281
 W3KWH  14.097149  -20  KR6LA  CN90ao  3502  284
 W3KWH  14.097166  -32  K6MCS  CM98  3488  280
 W3KWH  14.097146  -28  VE7PGB  CO83pw  3483  310
 W3KWH  14.097177  -25  K7MHI  CN87wk  3408  297
 W3KWH  14.097147  -28  N6RY  DM13id  3381  268
 W3KWH  14.097151  -27  KK6NON  DM13  3344  269
 W3KWH  14.097145  -28  VE7ENP  DN09gv  3215  302
 W3KWH  14.097151  -27  K7GXB  DM34sn  2909  267
 W3KWH  14.097162  -25  VA6TJ  DO21ql  2901  307
 W3KWH  14.097144  -25  W7REK  DM42lk  2888  262
 W3KWH  14.097074  -26  K7CKW  DM42nh  2880  262
 W3KWH  14.097165  -28  CF6TDG  DO31aa  2845  306
 W3KWH  14.097152  -13  VE6JY  DO33or  2844  312
 W3KWH  14.097168  -27  VE5MMG  DO62qc  2394  312