Keycard Access

Members – As per the president request key card access has been remove from your key cards.  No access will be able until current situation improves and the president gives the all clear.

If You have any questions or concerns please send them to:
Richie Danko

NOTE! If there is an ECOMM situation please contact any leadership member for access to the building.  The leadership team is Richie, Matt, Joe, Walt they can still access the building


Business Meeting Been Cancelled

The Steel City Club House Is Closed Until Further Notice

Business Meeting: CANCELED
Social Meetings: CANCELED
VE Testing Session: CANCELED
Operating From Club: CLOSED
Remote 1 OPEN – Remote Hams for Members
Remote 2 OPEN – VNC & Skype for Members
Repeater 147.03 MHz & PL 123: OPEN For ALL
Repeater 444.45 MHz & PL 103.5 & C4FM: OPEN For ALL
Echolink & Wires X: ACTIVE.

Tuesday Night 2m Net 8 PM:  All Are Welcome
Sunday QCWA 2m Net 8:30 AM: All Are Welcome
Sunday Digital 70cm Net 8:00 PM: All Are Welcome
Nightly 10m Chat 28.495 MHz ~8:00 PM: All Are Welcome

Attention – Simplex Test

UPDATE – Still on for Sat March 21st

The Allegheny County EC, NU3Q will be doing a Two Meter Simplex test on Saturday March 21st from 10-11 AM. We will be testing on 146.550 MHz between the Steel City club house and the Red Cross Building and the National Weather Service.  NU3Q will be looking for someone to operate from  from the Red Cross & NWS.  All hams are invited to participate in this drill from their homes and roving in their cars. Please call  W3KWH on 146.550 Mhz and let them know your location and power levels.

UPDATE: NU3Q will be doing a check in on the 147.090 machine before the simplex test begins. So check into the N. Hill repeater before you goto to the 146.55 Mhz frequency.

UPDATE: The NWS is closed now to the public there will be no operations from there

There will be a SET Drill on April 4th using HF and the North Hill 147.090 Machine.  Simplex on 2m might be tried out then too.  More details on the SET Drill are to follow soon.



VE Testing Next Wednesday

Update:  This testing session has been cancelled…..

Want to join this wonderful hobby or upgrade to the next license class to get more privileges come up the the club house for our next VE testing sessions..

The testing sessions will be held on the Wednesday March 18th, 2020 after the Steel City Business meeting at 7:00 PM at the Steel City club house. {DIRECTIONS HERE}  Preregistration is highly recommend and will have priority, but walk-in’s will be allowed if space is available. Please read the section below “What To Bring”

To make sure we have enough testing materials on hand, and that you don’t have to wait for us to get ready we are highly recommending that people interested taking the exam preregister.

Got question? Feel free to email and to register?
Chris Grimm,
VE Examiner
K3PQ {at} W3KWH {dit} COM
(412) 259-3319

Maine Bicentennial Special Event

special event to mark Maine’s bicentennial will take place during Statehood Week, March 16 – 21, with the on-air event extending to March 22. Volunteers around the state will be on the air with special event call signs from the nine counties that existed in 1820, when Maine became independent of Massachusetts: W1C (Cumberland); W1H Hancock; W1K Kennebec; W1L Lincoln; W1O Oxford; W1P Penobscot; W1S Somerset; W1W Washington, and W1Y York.

Three other special event stations will be K1J Jameson Tavern in Freeport; K1P Portland, and K1B Boston, in recognition of their contributions to Maine’s Statehood.

CW, SSB, and digital operation will be continuous on HF, VHF, and UHF for the duration of the event. The event is sponsored by the Maine Bicentennial Special Event Committee.

Additional information is available on the event website.

Members FYI RemoteHams

Please click on image to see full size image

Attention members RemoteHams is getting pretty popular with our membership but we need to take some common courtesy when multiple users are using the remotes.   On the bottom left side of the screen there are a series of TABS if you click on the CHAT tab it will show you this remote chat room.  You can type in a message here and it will show up on all the others user screen. You should alway keep the chat screen up when there are multiple users on the radio.

Over on the center right side of the screen you will see the user users that are log into the radio at the current time.  Always use the chat screen to ask permission to change frequencies and/or turn the radio off.  Nothing is worst than trying to work a station and have someone else change the bands or turn the radio off.

On the bottom left side of the BLACK WINDOW is the current control operator. {It is usually the last person to hit PTT}  Please use the chat to talk with this operator to see if it is ok to change anything on the radio.  If given a OK you will now become the control operator.

Other courtesy is the last user will be the one responsible for turning the radio off.  DO NOT turn the radio off if there are other users are still login to the remote. Again use the chat screen to say good by and you are leaving the remote on for them.

Again if everyone uses common courtesy  then everyone get to enjoy the remotes. We have had as many of 5 users at one time using the remote for checking into the nets.