Trip To DX Engineering

Here are a couple of pictures of the new store setup of DX Engineering at the Summit Racing store. They had an open box sale and various radio’s and antennas set up outside for you to use.

Past years Minutes Hi- Lites

January 11, 1942 : The 12th regular meeting was held…at North Side YMCA. A motion to change the due’s to $3.00 per year payable at once was passed.

February 8, 1942 : W3OKU reported that the property transaction had been completed.

March 21, 1954 : A report was given on road conditions as follows: We can have the road bulldozed for $10.00 plus $7.50 an hour.

September 16, 1956 : Committee: Emil. LKM, purchased a building permit at a cost of $5.00. Paul W3WHY, got blueprints made for the new building.

April 21, 1957 : Estimated total cost of the new building as it sits now is $1,800.00- $2000.00.

March 19, 1968 : The phone was installed with no charge for the wiring. The cost to be $6.40 per month.