Our New Transmitter Site

Here is the view from our new transmitter site on Mt Washington.  Our UHF C4FM & FM repeater is now located 400 feet about the top of Mt Washington. Please send signal reports to the club.  Click on the images to see a full size picture.

Old Time Pictures – Updated

I have started the current decade 2020-2030 photo album to ourOld Time Photos pages.  Check out the newest club history being made.  Don’t forget to click on the Old Time Photos for the club whole history.

PA QSO Party Photos

Greenbank Trip Photos

On Sept 29-30 the Steel City ARC sponsored a trip down to the Greenbank Telescope in West Virginia.  We had 15 members and friends drive down their to learn about the ultimate DX they were working on.  Not only did we learn a lot the scenery was just prefect down in between the mountains.  On Saturday the group split in two with most taking a ride on the CASS railroad while the other drove up to the top of Spruce Knob at 4900 ft elevation to do some SOTA contacts.

Special Thanks goes out to Rich Bradley W4DZC and the the staff – Angela, Mark, and Joyce at the telescope for all the help at planning this trip.  Rich ended up giving us an very special behind the scene tour and a lot of detail on the work being done there.

Special thanks for those that are sharing their photos:
AD3AA-Lee Rice, N3WMI-Neil McKee, N3LRG-Christine Rial, Diane Diberardino, KR3DX-Dennis Herbuth, KC3THE-Bill Wilson, K3HCR-Harold Roseberger

Greenbank Telescope

*Note – We got to see a lot more that we are just not allowed to be shown. Stay tune for the group shot picture that was taken down at the telescope {We have to wait for the film to be developed}

CASS Railroad

Our group ended up taking one of two rides most were on the Whitaker ride while other took the Greenbrier ride.

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Spruce Knob SOTA Activation

The remaining people drove up to the Spruce Knob Rec area and climb up to 4900 ft elevation to try our hand at making some SOTA contacts.  We had wonderful view once we broke though the clouds. We event made contact with Rich from his home on 2m a distant of 90 miles.

Collierfest Photos

If you have additional photos please email them to me.  Thank you

Steel City @ W3PIE Hamfest

Field Day 2022 Photos

Steel City Members @ Dayton 2022

I am posting pictures as I get them.  So check back frequently for more and new photos.

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Winter Storm 2022

The winter of 2022 was quite an adventure.  On Feb 3, 2022 an ice storm took out our Verizon line loosing Internet for 4 days.  Here are the images of the storm and the recovery process.

Winter Field Day 2022