Online – Allegheny County ARES meeting

From NU3Q

I will be having the next Allegheny County ARES meeting via online video conference on Saturday 4/25/2020 at  9:30 am. If you want to participate, please let me know by responding to this message and I will e-mail you the link after I complete some preliminary testing later this week. I don’t want to list the link here for privacy reasons.

Also: if you are not a member of the Allegheny County ARES master e-mail list, please indicate if you want me to send you an invite for that as well.

73’s and stay safe!

 Bob NU3Q
Allegheny County EC

Attention – Simplex Test

UPDATE – Still on for Sat March 21st

The Allegheny County EC, NU3Q will be doing a Two Meter Simplex test on Saturday March 21st from 10-11 AM. We will be testing on 146.550 MHz between the Steel City club house and the Red Cross Building and the National Weather Service.  NU3Q will be looking for someone to operate from  from the Red Cross & NWS.  All hams are invited to participate in this drill from their homes and roving in their cars. Please call  W3KWH on 146.550 Mhz and let them know your location and power levels.

UPDATE: NU3Q will be doing a check in on the 147.090 machine before the simplex test begins. So check into the N. Hill repeater before you goto to the 146.55 Mhz frequency.

UPDATE: The NWS is closed now to the public there will be no operations from there

There will be a SET Drill on April 4th using HF and the North Hill 147.090 Machine.  Simplex on 2m might be tried out then too.  More details on the SET Drill are to follow soon.



ARES Meeting Saturday 3/28


Allegheny County ARES meeting Saturday March 28 at 8:30 am. The meeting will be held in the Community Room at WPXI studios located at 4145 Evergreen Road 15214. The meeting starts at 8:30 am. After the meeting, we will have an informal class on portable operations outside of our shacks.

Please let Bob, NU3Q, Allegheny County EC know if you will be attending. He will bring donuts. His phone number is 412-736-7385 and e-mail address is

Call to Arms – PA House Bill 37


DATE: January 30, 2020
MEMO TO: All Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Operators
FROM: ARRL Pennsylvania Leadership Team
RE: Amendment to HB 37

During a conference this morning with the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee, we learned that partly as a result of our efforts, Senator Farnese of Philadelphia will be introducing an amendment to this bill that will exempt Amateur Radio Operators from its prohibition on the use of Amateur Radio equipment while mobile.

The committee’s executive director is unsure of the timing for a future vote on this bill but feels certain that if Amateur Radio Operators in Pennsylvania communicate their support for the amendment, it will contribute to a successful outcome.

Senator Farnese’s staff is currently preparing the language of the amendment following input from your ARRL team. Once the Senate includes this exemption and passes the bill, it will go to a conference committee where the differences in the House and Senate versions must be ironed out. So, your support for this amendment is crucial. Contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to support the amendment to HB37 exempting Amateur Radio Operators.

Please use the links below to offer your support to the
Ham Radio Amendment


Bob Famiglio, (Delaware County) who is the Atlantic Vice-Director of the American Radio Relay League (The National Association of Amateur Radio) has brought HB-37 to my attention. There is a serious flaw in the draft as it now stands. By omission, it prohibits the operation of VHF or HF amateur radio equipment in Pennsylvania moving vehicles.

Link to HB-37:

Amateur Radio, using ARES-RACES, has provided Disaster Communications to millions of citizens since the 1930s. Ham Operators have provided reliable communications out of the affected areas during Hurricane Agnes in 1972, the Johnstown Flood in 1977, Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant melt down, 1999, Flight 93 Crash, Shanksville, 2001, Tropical Storm Henri, 2002, the Quecreek Mine Disaster in 2002, Cambelltown Tornado 2004, dozens of weather and natural disasters on I-80, I-376, I-81, I-95, I-476, I-99, I-76, , and the 2017 PA Turnpike Snow event, where Ham Operators assisted PEMA??in maintaining communications to WPA.??

In order to perform this function, it is imperative that these trained and FCC licensed radio operators are permitted to communicate by radio while operating their vehicles.

Often times, during an incident, cars and trucks provide the only power and antenna platforms available.?? These volunteers, who act as operators and repair technicians, can provide both voice and digital communications completely devoid of any commercial infrastructure such as cell phone towers or the Internet.

Amateur Radio has mutual aid agreements with dozens Fire Companies, PA County Departments of Emergency Services as well as PEMA, CAP, FEMA and the PA State Police, who rely on the back-up communications provided by amateur radio ARES-RACES operators.

For over 20 years, ARES-RACES operators have contributed to the bi-annual drills of the Peach Bottom and Limerick Nuclear Power Plants, plus the drills at the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia International Airports.

I propose that a specific exemption be made in the bill to enable these public service radio operators to to operate their equipment within their vehicles while in motion.

Many thanks.
Lloyd Bankson Roach – K3QNT
RACES Officer, Bedford County Department of Emergency Services.

You can find your legislators on the General Assembly website:

SKYWARN™ Recognition Day

December 7, 2019 from 0000z to 2400z

SKYWARN™ Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League. It celebrates the contributions that SKYWARN™ volunteers make to the NWS mission, the protection of life and property. Amateur radio operators comprise a large percentage of the SKYWARN™ volunteers across the country. The Amateur radio operators also provide vital communication between the NWS and emergency management if normal communications become inoperative. During the SKYWARN™ Special Event operators will visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world.
For more infomation:

Red Cross Presentation

Red Cross Presentation
Wed. Dec 4th – 7:30 PM

Dave, KC3KAG

Will be giving a short overview of the Red Cross responding to national and local disasters and the importance of emergency communication capabilities amateur radio operators and specifically ARES can provide to the Red Cross during times of disasters.

Dave will highlight some of the roles amateur radio operators can fill for the Red Cross during a disaster.

Red Cross South Western  PA