Membership Renewal

Current Members:

Send your due payment to the address listed at the bottom of this page.  Your key card and membership listing will be updated only after the club Treasurer or Secretary has accepted the payment and has relayed that to the technical committee. The dues are due by the April Business meeting.  Your key card access is lost on April 1st {That is an automatic system}.

Previous Club Members Wishing To Rejoin:

If your membership has lapse base on the choices below, you will need to come to a meeting {Social/Business} and fill out the new membership application and pay your $50 dues.   Once the payment is confirm with the treasurer your key card will be reactivated and you will be added back to the email reflector.

Lapse Period:  April Business Meeting  though Dec 31st

Just come to any meeting {Social/Business} fill out a new membership form and pay your $50 dues.

Lapse Period: Any time after Dec 31st

You will need to attend a Business Meeting fill out a new membership form get approved by the membership committee and then you will have to go though the three month readings.  During that time you are welcome to attend any meetings, work party, contest that the club is putting on.


Regular, including over 65 $50.00
Family Members $15.00
DX Members $15.00


Make checks out to “Steel City ARC” include your call sign.

Steel City ARC
PO Box 281
Carnegie, Pa, 15106 U.S.A