Signal Link to Arcom 210 Controller Cable

Echolink to Arcom 210 Controller

We decided to replace our old black box interface with an Signal Link USB interface to our Windows 10 computer.   The old interface developed some issues over the years so it was time to upgrade it.  Finding information on how to connect Echolink to an Signal Link boxes was not the easiest thing to find on the web.  The hard part was making an simples interface cable to go from the Signal Link RJ-45 jack to the DB-9 connector on the back of the Arcom 210 controller.  So I cut an old Cat 5 cable in half and solder on a DB-9 connector  using the signal pairs of the cat 5 cable to provide signals and ground for each type of signal.   You will need audio in and out and for controlling the transmission the PTT of the Signal Link goes into the COS input of the controller.  Inside the controller make sure the COS signal jumper for your port is set to LOW active.

Signal Link to Arcom 210 Cable

Signal Link Signal Link Cat 5 Arcom 210 Arcom 210
Desc Pin {RJ-45} Color Pin {DB9} Desc
Spk 1 Brown 4 TX Audio Out
Mic 4 Blue 5 RX Audio In
PTT 2 Orange 7 COS
GND 1 White Orange 6 GND
GND 5 White Blue 8 GND
GND 7 White Brown 9 GND