Click here for our selections of QST magazines from 194x to the present.

Click here for the SCARC book library.  These are the books on hand that could be taken out by our members.

Click here if your interested in donating any ham radio related books to the SCARC Library

Looking for that old articles from the 1990s or even the 1940s.  The SCARC library has the QST magazine dating from the early 1940s though to today.  Want to see what was state of art on your birth date you can find it here.  Read all about the Early Oscar satellites.  Read up how radio was involved in the war effort during WWII.

While you can enjoy the read at the club house the old magazine cant not be checked out of the club house.

The Steel City Club had a lending library of over 50 books that members can read though and take out.  Please note in the big station logbook your calls sign and which book you have taken out of the club house.  An another entry should be made when you return the book.  Below is a listing of all of our book and pamphlets. On most of the titles you can click on the title name to pull up more information about the book from the web.

Click here: View the Library Now To view the Google Doc

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