Business Meeting @ Tuesday, June 15th

Steel City Business Meeting

Tuesday – June 15th @ 7:00 PM

At The Club House @ Outdoor Meeting

All members are encouraged to attend this meeting since this will be a big planning meeting and we want you input.  First up will be the planning for Field Day 2021 on June 26 & 27.  Meal planning and signing up for different shifts will take place then.  We do not only need operators we will need some loggers to help out also.  We will be finding out what types of stations we will need for this week, CW – Phone – Digital, and how many stations do we want to set up three, four, five?

Second thing we be some early planning for the Aug 14th Corn Roast.  Do we want to cook it our shelfs or would this year would we like to have it caterer so that the rest of use can enjoy the day.  What would you like to have Bar Q or the standard hamburgers and hot dogs.  Of course we will have some corn also. Also do we want this for just our members, or open it up to other clubs.

Please show on up we want to hear from you too!
Mask are now optional for full vaccinated people. 

P.S. Please email me if you know any good caterer that do picnics.  Thanks!!!

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