Business Meeting Tuesday Dec 21

Steel City

Business Meeting

Hello Members & New Members:
Just a friendly reminder that this coming Tuesday December 21st at 8:00 PM the Steel City Amateur Radio Club will be holding their business meeting via Zoom. The official link to the Zoom meeting will be sent via this email on Tuesday morning. So please check your email to make sure you got the link. If you have not received the email by Noon that day please email at n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com.
So plug in your webcam’s and microphone’s and get ready for the meeting. If you have never use Zoom before just click on the link in the email and that link will check to see if you have the program installed if not it will install it for you. Just follow the links that pop up. If you haven’t use Zoom in a while you might want to click on the link a little early since they do updates on the software and your copy might be old. I will try to start the feed around 7:45 PM.
If you know of a new members that didn’t get this email or wants to join the club please give them my email n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com so I can make sure they get the link too.
Thank you,
Christine N3LRG
President SCARC
If a new members didnt get my email on Friday night please sent me a email at the above address to be included. NO links will be sent via Facebook. If you thinking of joining the Steel City ARC club again just send me a email.
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