Introducing Elecraft KH1

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Elecraft just tackled some of the hardest problems with HF field deployment: How to get you on the air in seconds, with an internal ATU that tunes both a built-in, multi-band whip and BNC-connected random wires. Providing field logging that’s truly convenient. Creating the optimal user interface for handheld CW operation – because there isn’t always somewhere to sit. And making an HF rig that’s light enough to use HT-style without wrist fatigue.

The result of this effort is the KH1: an ultralight radio you’ll never leave at home. It’s ideal for SOTA, hiking, vacation and business travel, or just that carefree hour after the chores are done.

With the Edgewood Package (shown installed below), your KH1 becomes a fully integrated station, with fold-out log tray and pen, plug-in keyer paddle, battery, charger, ATU, and whip antenna. It all fits in our versatile ES20 carrying case, with room to spare.

KH1 Features:
• 40-15 m ham bands; 6-22 MHz SWL
• CW mode; 5 watts, all bands
• ATU includes whip & high-Q inductor for 20/17/15 m
• 2.5 AH Li-Ion battery & internal charger
• CW decode & 32K TX log
• Scan/mini-pan feature
• Real-Time Clock
• Full remote control
• Speaker
• RIT, XIT, & VFO lock
• Light gray case stays cool even in bright sunlight

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