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What do you do if you want to have Hamshack Hotline on a cordless phone?  I always hate having to run into my shack to answer an Hamshack Hotline call.  Now I don’t have to since I picked up an Grandstream 820 cordless phone.  This phone is not cheap your looking at $132 to pick one up since this is still an phone that is still in production. So here is why I spent some buck on a phone.

First I do have a normal VoIP phone line into my place so I needed a phone that could handle a normal VoIP line and a Hamshack Hotline number.  The 820 has the ability to have two accounts on it and I can select which line I want to call out on.  So not only is this phone my Hamshack Hotline phone it is my normal phone too.

Hamshack Hotline Approved Phones: Supported Phones

Second I just wanted to deal with one piece of equipment.  I didnt want to get a DECT base and a DECT handset.  Hamshack Hotline has on there approved modem list the SPA-232D and SPA302 which requires you to get both and they are both “End Of Life”.  Since cordless phone require new batteries I didn’t want to deal with USED phones.  The Grandstream 820 uses Wi-Fi so it will talk directly to my router.  So I can use my phone anywhere I have wireless access. I can also access the configuration menu directly using any computers on my network.

Now for my normal phone service I use which is a VoIP service that I have had for several years now.  You can even port your current landline number to this service.  I pay as you go which means I pay $0.01 for outgoing calls and $0.009 for incoming calls.  There is a $0.85 a month charge for having an phone number. Now I don’t talk much on phones except when one of my sisters calls so I don’t spend a lot of time on my phone.  Which mean twice a year I’ll put about $20 into my balance and that will last me quite a while.

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Since the Grandstream 820 is not on the supported line list.  You have to get an “Experimental Number” with Hamshack Hotline.  The hotline folks with let you use any VoIP phone on the hotline. The catch is they will not offer you any support. Which mean they will send you the configuration information but you have to configure your own phone and  trouble shoot your own issues.  So it does take someone that can do a little research to get you up and going.  Once it works it is like any other Hamshack Hotline phone.



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