24th Annual WASH Two Meter Contest 

This January will mark the Twenty-Fourth Annual WASH 2 Meter Contest. We’re looking
forward for a chance to stretch our legs, our wheels, and our antennas once again! Join us for a fun operating event, where you can hear some old friends, and maybe make some new ones, as well as net yourself a free Door Prize Ticket for WASHFest 2024 just for submitting a log! See you on the air!

Date & Times: Saturday, January 13th , 2024 from 7 to 11 PM EST.

Needed Forms:

Logging: Wash-2m-Logging-Forms.pdf
Entry Forms: Wash-2m-Contest-Entry-Form.pdf


  • To have fun!
  • To make as many contacts as possible
  • To have more fun!

Band, Modes & Frequencies: The contest will take place solely on the 2 meter band.

FM : 

  • FM simplex only, no repeater contacts.
  • The FM frequencies are all standard 2 Meter Simplex frequencies, as per the ARRL 2 Meter
  • Band Plan, every 15 kHz, from 146.505 to 146.595 MHz, and 147.450 to 147.580 MHz.


  • 144.05 to 144.1 MHz Only. (See ARRL 2 Meter band plan)
  • CW Notes: Listen for CW QSO’s around 144.1 MHZ 15 minutes after the hour
  • SSB & AM: 144.2 to 144.275 MHz Only. (See ARRL 2 Meter band plan).
  • Voice Notes: → Listen for SSB & AM QSO’s around 144.2 MHz 30 minutes after the hour
  • Digital (including RTTY): 144.51 to 144.55
    MHz. (See ARRL 2 Meter band plan) Multiple
    digital modes may be used, and participants
    are free to use any generally accepted Digital
    mode, but only ONE Digital QSO with a given
    station regardless of mode.

FULL RULES HERE:  WASH 2024 2m Contest
WASH-FEST 2024:  Feb 25th

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