Robert Carnahan N3LL, SK

I am sorry to report that Bobby, N3LL passed away Wednesday morning.

The airways won’t be the same any more!

You may leave an online memorial for Bob here

UPDATE: Celebration of life for all friends and family will take place at Cook School Park in Bridgeville Pa on Friday June 25th from 3pm to 8pm.

Driving Directions to park:

ARRL Field Day 2021

Steel City ARC will be hosting our 2021 field day at the Steel City club house.  The public is welcome to attend and to find out what Ham Radio is doing and to look at the equipment we have.  Members are encourage to stop by and operate make sure you check the sign up page below to.  Fellow hams are alway welcome to check out the clubhouse and sit down to operate on this very special weekend.

How to find the club house:

Member Operating Scheduled:

Members and locals hams wanting to work a shift take a look at the above operating scheduled and select a time you want to show up for. Then send an email to with the time you want.  I will then enter it onto the scheduled.

This year Steel City W3KWH will be operating from 160 meters up into the microwave band 1296 Mhz. We need at least four operators per shift and this year we want to have logger helping out the operators by enter the contacts into our logging programs.  So even if you dont want to talk on the radio you can still help out the club by being a logger. {Plus even no hams can be loggers}

Field Day Food Scheduled:

Members you invited to any of the meals please send a email to to let us know you will be at the meal.  This will let us know your coming and there will be enough food.

Minutes June 15th, 2021

This information is for Steel City Members only via the web. For public access please go to the club house on any monthly business meetings for access.

Steel City at Skyview

Some of the members got invited up to the Skyview Radio Socieity reopening from a year long COVID shutdown.  We got to match a lot of callsign to people faces.

Business Meeting @ Tuesday, June 15th

Steel City Business Meeting

Tuesday – June 15th @ 7:00 PM

At The Club House @ Outdoor Meeting

All members are encouraged to attend this meeting since this will be a big planning meeting and we want you input.  First up will be the planning for Field Day 2021 on June 26 & 27.  Meal planning and signing up for different shifts will take place then.  We do not only need operators we will need some loggers to help out also.  We will be finding out what types of stations we will need for this week, CW – Phone – Digital, and how many stations do we want to set up three, four, five?

Second thing we be some early planning for the Aug 14th Corn Roast.  Do we want to cook it our shelfs or would this year would we like to have it caterer so that the rest of use can enjoy the day.  What would you like to have Bar Q or the standard hamburgers and hot dogs.  Of course we will have some corn also. Also do we want this for just our members, or open it up to other clubs.

Please show on up we want to hear from you too!
Mask are now optional for full vaccinated people. 

P.S. Please email me if you know any good caterer that do picnics.  Thanks!!!

VE Testing Session – Wed. May 16th

Wednesday – May 16th @ 7:00 PM

Chris Grimm K3PQ is our VE Testing examiner contact person.  People interesting in becoming an amateur radio operator or planning to upgrade their license should get in touch with Chris at the email/phone below.   The testing sessions will be held on the Wednesday after the Steel City Business meeting at 7:00 PM at the Steel City club house. {DIRECTIONS HERE}  Preregistration is highly recommend and will have priority, but walk-in’s will be allowed if space is available. Update or get your license now before the FCC $35 charge comes into affect.

For more information and contact details see our VE-Testing page

At this point fully vaccinated people are now mask optional
We do have picnic tables outside for those that don’t want to go in the building.