FCC Wants to Bolster Amateur Radio

Commission will vote in November on plan to remove outdated technical restrictions

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel says the FCC plans to “incentivize innovation and experimentation in the amateur radio bands” by getting rid of outdated restrictions and providing licensees with the flexibility to use modern digital emissions.

The commission at its November meeting is expected to take action on a Report and Order that would eliminate the baud rate limitation and establish a bandwidth limitation in the amateur radio bands below 29.7 MHz.

The order being circulated for tentative consideration by the commission would remove the baud rate limitation — the rate at which the carrier waveform amplitude, frequency and/or phase is varied to transmit information — for data emissions in the amateur radio bands, the FCC says. The current baud rate limits were adopted in 1980.

The order would implement a 2.8 kilohertz bandwidth limitation in place of the baud rate in amateur radio bands. The 2.8 kHz limitation is consistent with the commission’s treatment of other wireless radio services, the FCC says.

The current rules limit the baud rate for high-frequency amateur radioteletype/data transmissions to 300 baud for frequencies below 28 MHz (except in the 60-meter band), and 1200 baud in the 10 meter (28-29.7 MHZ) band.

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ARES Meeting Saturday – Oct 28th

Allegheny County
ARES Meeting 
Oct 28th @ 9:30 AM
At The Skyview Club House

Bob NU3Q will be holding the ARES meeting the Skyview K3JMW club house on Saturday Oct 28th at 9:30 AM.  If you want to get a bite to eat before the meeting Bob will be at the Eat N Park restaurant at 7:45 AM for breakfast.  All those wanting to learn more about ECOM should attend these meetings.

Location Skyview Club House:
2335 Turkey Ridge Rd, New Kensington, PA 15068

Location of Eat N Park – New Kensington:
380 Freeport St, New Kensington, PA 15068

Astrobotic will launch to the moon on Christmas Eve

After months of waiting — and 16 years of development — North Shore-based Astrobotic finally has a launch date for its first commercial lander.

Peregrine is set to journey into space aboard a United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur rocket on December 24.

Astrobotic CEO John Thornton said it will be “a fantastic Christmas present” and “the dawn of a new era for the moon.”

“I’m especially excited because the whole world will be at home watching the launch and cheering us on,” he said.

Read The Full Article On The: Post Gazette
Astrobotic Video Tour By: John KC3MMC 

Introducing Elecraft KH1

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Elecraft just tackled some of the hardest problems with HF field deployment: How to get you on the air in seconds, with an internal ATU that tunes both a built-in, multi-band whip and BNC-connected random wires. Providing field logging that’s truly convenient. Creating the optimal user interface for handheld CW operation – because there isn’t always somewhere to sit. And making an HF rig that’s light enough to use HT-style without wrist fatigue.

The result of this effort is the KH1: an ultralight radio you’ll never leave at home. It’s ideal for SOTA, hiking, vacation and business travel, or just that carefree hour after the chores are done.

With the Edgewood Package (shown installed below), your KH1 becomes a fully integrated station, with fold-out log tray and pen, plug-in keyer paddle, battery, charger, ATU, and whip antenna. It all fits in our versatile ES20 carrying case, with room to spare.

KH1 Features:
• 40-15 m ham bands; 6-22 MHz SWL
• CW mode; 5 watts, all bands
• ATU includes whip & high-Q inductor for 20/17/15 m
• 2.5 AH Li-Ion battery & internal charger
• CW decode & 32K TX log
• Scan/mini-pan feature
• Real-Time Clock
• Full remote control
• Speaker
• RIT, XIT, & VFO lock
• Light gray case stays cool even in bright sunlight

Old Time Pictures – Updated

I have started the current decade 2020-2030 photo album to ourOld Time Photos pages.  Check out the newest club history being made.  Don’t forget to click on the Old Time Photos for the club whole history.

John W Simpson Jr – SK

With great sadness we have to report that one of our members John Simpson N3EQP passed away this past week.  John has supported the club for a very long time in fact just this last month he donated a radio to get our remotes back on the air.  He served as treasurer and participated a lot in club functions.

Business Meeting – TUESDAY @ 7pm

Business Meeting – 7:00 PM – TUESDAY!!
Steel City will be conducting their monthly business meeting at the club house this Tuesday.

Come Early – Dinner at 6:00 PM

We have a lot of leftovers from the PA QSO Party so come up early and get good food.


VE Session Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Sign up for new license or upgrade your current one.  Let your friends know that you can do this at Steel City.

PA QSO Party Photos

PA QSO Party – This Weekend


This Saturday at 12:00 Noon starts the annual PA QSO Party here at the Steel City club house.  Members are encourage to stop by and operate this event.  We are in need of CW operators and SSB Operators plus people that can help log the contacts.

Come on up are share the group comradery at the club house as we try to work all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.  The goal is to have four transmitters going for the full time of the event.  Saturday setup will begin at 11:30 AM with the QSO starting at 12 noon.  It then runs until midnight on Saturday where you can then go home and sleep in your own bed.  It restarts at 9:00 Sunday morning running till 6:00 PM Sunday evening.

There will be plenty of snacks and food to eat….
Saturday Afternoon: Snack Bar
Saturday Supper:  Special Dinner
Sunday Morning: Donuts and Bagels
Sunday Lunch: Hot Sausage Sandwiches.

And remember “It’s An Party” so lets have some FUN !