Steel City @ Science Center

Steel City ARC was invited down to the Carnegie Science Center for there Adult 21+ night program on Sept 13th 2019.  There was 1500 adults attending that adult only program which we had an estimated 200 of them enter our room to talk about how amateur radio is alive an well in 2019.  We showed them Go Box for how ham radio helps out in emergencies along with a digital station working Europe all night long. We even had them try out an Morse code key while explaining why we still love that form of communication.

August Work Party Pictures

Take a look at the pictures  taken at the work party Aug 2019.  That our Karl, WA3VXJ mounting our new Hex Beam antenna on the far tower. After that he was up the VHF tower remounted the 2m beam antenna. I also got to ride up  70 feet to take some pictures.

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440 Antenna Work Party Pictures

Click here to see the pictures from our latest work party at the club house while we clean up the Mosley antenna area and raised the 440 antenna off the ground level finally, and started the work on the Hex Beam.

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Field Day 2019 – Photos

PGH Marathon – Amature History

Here are pictures from the very first Pittsburgh City Maraton dating back to 1985.  It is a reminder that the maraton take almost 100 ham radio operators every year to volunteer their time to have a safe maraton.  Below are the ham that help out on that very first maraton.  This years marathon take place Sunday May 5th, 2019.  again they will be asking us for volunteers to find out more information or to pick your spot on the race course check out the 2019 Maraton website for volunteers:


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Mosley Tower Raising Photos

On Dec 10, 2018 the Steel City radio club got a new radio antenna and tower. The Mosley  PRO-67-C-3 was install beside the club house and here are the photo from that tower raising.

If you have more pictures please send them to Christine, N3LRG

Hurricane Irma photos from N3LL

While Bobby N3LL made it though the storm without any damage there were some trees down around his neighborhood.  He got very lucky since the eye of Irma decide to curve around Englewood, FL. Click on a photo to see an full size image.

Additional Photo:

Work Party Successful

Today’s work party was very successful and a lot of future infrastructure was put in place.  We placed conduit buried to the driveway for a near future camera so members can check out the drive way condition.  Also conduit  was run to the telephone pole to move the inverted L over to the wooden telephone pole.  And finally a conduit was put in place to that empty far tower so we can put an antenna on top of it.

Thanks go out to:
Chuck, Art, Karl, Nate, Tim, Dave, Joe

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