Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and By-Laws

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Amendments were approved in 1978 – 1982 – 1988

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ARTICLE II – PURPOSE *Section 1 – Defined *

Section 2 – Limitations *


Section 1 – Defined *

Section 2 – Class *

Section 3 – Voting Rights *

Section 4 – Club House Access *

Section 5 – Application for Membership *

Section 6 – Revoking Membership *

Section 7 – Cause for Dismissal *


Section 1 – Defined *

Section 2 – President *

Section 3 – Vice-President *

Section 4 – Recording Secretary *

Section 5 – Corresponding Secretary *

Section 6 – Treasurer *

Section 7 – Term Of Office *


Section 1 – Official Nominees *

Section 2 – Qualifications *

Section 3 – Election *

Section 4 – Nominations From The Floor *

Section 5 – Plurality Vote *

Section 6 – Quorum *


Section 1 – Appointment *

Section 2 – Standing Committees *

Section 3 – Responsibilities *

Section 4 – Special Committees *


Section 1 – Establish *

Section 2 – Payment *

Section 3 – Pro-ration *


Section 1 – Regular *

Section 2 – Special *








This amateur radio club shall be called the Steel CityAmateur Radio Club, Incorporated. Its official abbreviation shall be S.C.A.R.C.and its official organ known as the Kilo-Watt Harmonics.



Section1 – Defined


The Steel City Amateur Radio Club, Incorporated as anon-profit organization in the State of Pennsylvania, County of Allegheny, shallbe organized exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes,including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations thatqualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal RevenueCode, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code and shall :


1. Promote the interests of Amateur Radio by encouraging its membership to assist in Civil Defense and other activities in the public interest.

2. Cooperate with other amateur radio clubs in any manner that will react to the common good of Amateur Radio.

3. Participate in amateur radio contests such as “Field Day”, DX contests, VHF contests, etc.

4. Provide a club house and operating facilities so that members shall have an adequate meeting place and equipment for the pursuit of their hobby.

5. Teach and assist non-amateurs who are interested in amateur radio in the art and skills necessary to pass the FCC license tests.

6. Conduct such other activities as will enhance and improve the hobby of Amateur Radio.


Section2 – Limitations


No substantial part of the activities of S.C.A.R.C. shall bethe carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation,and S.C.A.R.C. shall not participate in, or intervene in any political campaignon behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office (including thepublishing or distribution of statements). Notwithstanding any other provisionof these articles, S.C.A.R.C. shall not carry on any other activities notpermitted to be carried on


1. by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or

2. by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


[Reference: Minutes of January 16,1990]




Section1 – Defined


The membership of the S.C.A.R.C. shall include radio amateurswith all grades or classes of U.S.Government amateur radio licenses and otherswho are interested in Amateur Radio. The membership term shall be considered torun from January 1st to December 31st.


Section2 – Class


The membership shall comprise four classes as follows :

Class 1 – Licensed active members


These members must be over 18 years of age and hold a validFCC amateur radio operator’s license.


Class 2 – Licensed inactive members


These members must be over 18 years of age, hold a validoperator’s license and live beyond a radius of 50 miles from the club house.


Class 3 – Active members


These members must be over 18 years of age but are notrequired to hold a valid FCC amateurs radio operator’s license.


Class 4 – Member


Members meeting the requirements of either class 1, 2 or 3but under 18 years of age.

Section3 – Voting Rights

All classes of members shall have voting rights. 

Section4 – Club House Access


Class 4 members shall not have access to the club house orgrounds without a member of class 1, 2 or 3 being present.


Section5 – Application for Membership


Prospective members must be sponsored by a member and receiveunanimous approval of the membership committee before he or she can be presentedas a candidate for membership in S.C.A.R.C. at a regular meeting. A majorityvote of the members present at a meeting will assure election as a member. Ifall fees due from the applicant are not paid by the next business meetingfollowing his election, his application shall be considered void but theapplicant may reapply for membership.

Section6 – Revoking Membership


Any member can have his membership revoked for cause. Theprocedure for dismissal is as follows :


1. The membership committee by unanimous vote shall submit to the members at a regular meeting the reasons for dismissal and certify that they are in accord with the dismissal.

2. A majority vote of the members present at the above mentioned regular meeting can dismiss the member from S.C.A.R.C.

3. A member who is subject to dismissal will be notified of the membership committee action concerning himself 14 days prior to the regular meeting wherein action on his case will ensue and he will be permitted to present his defense.


Section 7 – Cause for Dismissal


Any one of the following shall be considered sufficientgrounds for dismissal :


1. Theft or misappropriation of club property.

2. Any violation of FCC rules and regulations while operating club equipment on club property.

3. Creating a disorder on club property that might reflect on the good name of S.C.A.R.C.

4. Non-payment of dues.

[ Amendment passed 1982 ]

[ Reference: Minutes of November 1982 ]




Section1 – Defined


The officers for S.C.A.R.C. shall comprise a President,Vice-president, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and a Corresponding Secretary andshall assume the chair in this order in the event of death, incapacitation orabsence of the President.

Section2 – President


The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint allstanding committee chairmen, appoint all special committee chairmen and shallsee that the affairs of S.C.A.R.C. are properly administered.


Section3 – Vice-President


The Vice-president shall act with full authority of the President in his absence.

Section4 – Recording Secretary


The Recording Secretary will take all minutes of meetings,which shall be an accurate and official record of all business transacted, andbe the custodian of all previous minutes and actions of S.C.A.R.C.

Section5 – Corresponding Secretary


The Corresponding Secretary and his appointee will handlecorrespondence between S.C.A.R.C. and others.

Section6 – Treasurer


The Treasurer will handle all monies of S.C.A.R.C. keepingproper accounts so that a proper audit can be made at any time. He may select abank of his choosing for keeping S.C.A.R.C. funds. The Treasurer is authorizedto release funds up to and including $ 50.00 an item with approval of thePresident. Individual expenditures over this figure shall require majorityapproval at a regular or special meeting.

Section7 – Term Of Office


The officers shall hold office for one year starting from theregular meeting in January to the regular meeting in January of the followingyear.




Section1 – Official Nominees


Official nominees shall be those selected by the NominatingCommittee and the list of such nominees will be presented to the members inKilo-Watt Harmonics before the election.

Section2 – Qualifications


Qualification of nominees. Officer nominees must be Class 1members and nominees for President and Vice-president must hold a”Technician” or higher class FCC license.

Section3 – Election


The election of officers shall be held at the regular Octobermeeting. New officers are to take office in January following election.

Section4 – Nominations From The Floor


Nominees for office can be made from the floor at theelection meeting.

Section5 – Plurality Vote


A plurality vote shall be sufficient to assure election.

Section6 – Quorum


The members attending the October meeting shall comprisequorum and shall elect the officers for the ensuing year.



Section1 – Appointment


The President shall appoint all standing and specialcommittee chairmen.

Section2 – Standing Committees


The standing committees shall comprise the following:

1. Club House


This committee shall be responsible for the care and upkeep of the club house.


2. Technical


This committee shall be responsible for the care and upkeep of the radio gear and shall make recommendations concerning the acquisition and/or modification of new or existing equipment.


3. Membership


This committee shall be responsible for the investigation and approval of all prospective members and shall be the judicial authority to hear and act on requests for dismissal of members as called for under ARTICLE III – Section 6 and 7.


4. Ways and Means


This committee shall consist of a committee chairman, the Treasurer and at least one other member selected by the chairman. The committee shall be responsible for the establishment of initiation fees and dues and shall be in charge of any fund raising activities.


5. Contest


This committee shall organize, properly supervise, and duly report any contest activity not delegated to a special committee.


6. Program


This committee shall be responsible for speakers, movies or other educational or social activities at either regular meetings or other special events.

Section3 – Responsibilities


Committee chairmen shall be responsible for the performanceof his committee. In the event a chairman cannot discharge his responsibilities,the President may relieve him and appoint another chairman.

Section4 – Special Committees


The President, at his discretion, can appoint any specialcommittees that he feels are necessary to the proper handling of S.C.A.R.C.affairs. A non-inclusive list of such possible committees follows:

1. Nominating Committee

2. TVI Committee

3. Entertainment Committee

4. Constitution and By-Laws Committee

5. Field Day Committee

6. Paper Committee




Section1 – Establish


Annual dues and initiation fees shall be established by theWays and Means Committee and shall be presented at the November meeting eachcalendar year. Their report shall be subject to a majority approval of themembers present at that meeting.


Section2 – Payment


Dues for the current year must be paid by the regular Aprilmeeting unless prior arrangements are made with the Treasurer and approved bythe President. Special assessments may be recommended at any meeting and a mailvote of the members for acceptance.

Section3 – Pro-ration

New members approved at the May meeting or later shall have their duesequally pro-rated over a twelve month base. 



Section1 – Regular


The regular monthly meetings shall be held at the club houseon the third Tuesday of every month. The regular meeting can be omitted forspecial occasions such as Field Day, Christmas Party, etc., at the discretion ofthe President.

Section2 – Special


A special meeting can be called by a written petition to thePresident signed by any five members specifying the purpose of the requestedmeeting. It is then mandatory to call the special meeting with or without theapproval of the President.



The members present at a meeting, as described in ARTICLEVIII, shall constitute a quorum providing an officer as defined in ARTICLE IV,Section 1 is present.



Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws must have tworeadings after proposal with a notice in Kilo-Watt Harmonics prior to the secondreading at which time action will be taken. These readings must be atconsecutive regular meetings. Then, two-thirds of the membership responding mustapprove the change by ballot mailed with the following Kilo-Watt Harmonics.

[ Amendment passed 1978. ]

[ Reference: Minutes of August 1978 ]



No part of the assets or income of S.C.A.R.C. shall inure tothe benefit of or be distributable to the members, the officers, or any of them,or to other private persons except that S.C.A.R.C. shall be authorized andempowered to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes setforth herein. Upon the dissolution of S.C.A.R.C., the officers shall, afterpaying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of S.C.A.R.C.,dispose of all the assets of S.C.A.R.C. in such manner, or to such organizationor organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educationalor scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization ororganizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (orthe corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law),as the officers shall determine.

[ Amendment passed 1988. ]

[ Reference : Minutes of April 1988 ]



In all matters not covered by its rules and regulationsS.C.A.R.C. shall be governed by the “Robert’s Rules”.

The above Constitution and by-laws is a true copy of theConstitution and by-laws of the Steel City Amateur Radio Club, Inc. as currentlyamended. A copy of this document as printed January 16, 1990, is on file withthe Pennsylvania Department of State and the Internal Revenue Service. Thisprinting is a reformat of that document. No other changes have been made to thecontents of the January 16, 1990 document.

Any changes to this document must be submitted with theCERTIFICATE OF SUMMARY OF RECORD to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Departmentof State – Corporation Bureau, 308 North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120.After acceptance and recording by the Corporation Bureau, a copy must beforwarded to the Internal Revenue Service, EP/EO Division, P.O. Box 17010,Baltimore, MD 21203.


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