Minutes Highlights

Here are some of our highlights pull from the Steel City minutes over the years as compiled by Stew Saylor AK3J.

1942 – 1995

January 11,1942

The twelfth regular meeting was held…at the North Side YMCA. A motion to change the dues to $3 per year payable at once was passed.

February 8,1942

OKU reported that the property transaction had been completed.

March 8,1942

…it is here by resolved that Frank J. Bernhart, W8OKU, be authorized to act as Trustee to apply for and hold an amateur radio station license in behalf of the Steel City Amateur Radio Club.

FCO was appointed acting club Trustee for JLM in his absence. It is moved that an officer can be removed from office if he missed three consecutive meetings; this motion to be retroactive.

July 12,1942

Station license report- OKU reported that the F.C.C. is not issuing any.

October 9,1942

A motion was made by FCO and seconded by JLM that the road to the clubhouse be constructed and the cost of such be limited to twenty five dollars.

November 8,1942

Minutes of the last meeting were omitted because of the fact that they were locked in the cellar with our Secretary,

December 13,1942

Roll call of officers was as follows: Present-President W8OKU, who did not preside do to a missing tooth and a swollen jaw…. Absent-Secretary W8RWD,do to a said hang over.

April 11,1943

W8TUY read Treasure report that he received by landline from the missing SGV. Everyone seems glad to hear of so much cash.

It was agreed the old homestead (clubhouse) must be saved at all cost, so the Treasurer,FCO, was ordered to pay the taxes without any further delay. Now that the checkbook was to be opened several members immediately presented bills. WAN reported that W8RWF wished to sell his tower. The club agreed to buy it if it could be purchased for $10.00 max.

Minutes between: May 13,1943 and September 16,1945, October 21,1945 and January 20,1946, January 20,1946 and October 15,1953, not available

October 15,1953

The road problem was again brought up and it was suggested that it be put in good shape before bad weather sets in.

March 21,1954

A report was given on road conditions as follows: we can have the road bulldozed for $10.00 plus $7.50 an hour. It was moved by Blackburn and 2nd by Wagner that $45.00 be spent on road improvement. The work to be done by the next meeting and under the control of Ziggy.

February 20,1955

W8RWD. Treasurer’s report was omitted because of the fact that our Treasurer had left town several months ago and had not been heard of since.

October 16,1955

The road has been repaired with 21 ton of red dog @ $26.

November 20,1955

Some discussion was then held about the outhouse. It was decided that no building permit would be required.

September 16,1956

Building Committee: Emil, LKM, purchased a building permit at a cost of $5.00. Paul, WHY, got blueprints made for the new building.  It was decided to give the Building Committee free hand to get the materials for the shell. The finances will be handled by Joe, ZDW.

October 21,1956

MPO brought up the fact that the road was in very bad shape.

April 21,1957

Estimated total cost of the new building as it now sits is $1,800 – $2,000. UUH suggests forming a constitution when we get the new clubhouse in operation.

July 21,1957

The road is getting to be very bad. Something will have to be done about it soon.

September 15,1957

A new club constitution draft will be made by MPO and mailed to all members for their approval in the near future.

August 18,1957

The road problem was discussed but it was decided to wait till better WX returns.

July 20,1958

However, it should be noted that we’re operating in the red due to the fact that we have bills outstanding and a $1,000. loan to be paid off for a total debt of almost $2,000.

March 1959

At this meeting Mr. Burns discussed the financial condition of the club and the club membership was confused as usual.

July 1959

Club colors: MPK moved that the colors be orange and green. It was approved by FML and seconded RXT.

June 21,1960

Be it resolved this day June 21,1960 that the Steel City Amateur Radio Club, Inc. names Nathan S. Firestone Trustee of club station W3KWH.

November 15,1960

JQJ mentioned the road. There were no comments. Entertainment: JOJ will take charge of the annual Xmas party to be held Dec. 18th at 6:30PM. He promises this party will make last years party look like a coffee break. He pointed out that the party is also a celebration of the completion of the new building.

June 20,1961

UUH informed the membership that the SCARC would be on the front page of a new magazine to be published in England. The magazine will be titled “Radio Amateur Operators Handbook”. The fotos were through the courtesy of UUH.

July 18,1961

A motion was made by RXT to make all members dues at one rate of $10.00 per year. This was seconded by WHY. Passed unanimously.

September 15,1964

Sidelight to the election was that KJVSL and K3KGF tied for recording secretary and KJVSL won by the flip of a coin. W3RXT was elected chairman of the road committee by unanimous decision.

October 20,1964

Appreciation was extended to SVJ for his work of installing the heater and to YBG and VSL for their work on the road to RKW for his contribution of a thermostat control system for the heater. A suggestion was made that there be no doodling in the log books.

November 17,1964

SHT suggested the purchase of a teflon coated skillet for use in the kitchen. Others thought an electric skillet would be better.

December 15,1964

ZDW said that SVJ will panel the clubhouse at no expense to the club. UHM was thanked for making desks for the VHF studio, as was UUH for furnishing 2 by 4’s for the desk.

January 16,1965

Mention was made of having a corn roast or picnic this summer.

February 16,1965

RKW asked about the old QST magazines and the possibility of having a club library. It was decided to retain two or three years of QST and a request was made for members to donate electronic technical books which they no longer want or which they would not mind other members to use. The condition of the road was discussed but no decision was reached

March 16,1965

Building– SVJ gave a progress report on the work being done inside the clubhouse. The outside walls were stripped, insulated, paneling installed, shellacked and stain varnished. New wiring was installed in the studios with wiring still t done in the main room where lights will be remotely controlled. Approximately $140. was spent with about $118. received from scrap copper.

April 20,1965

KGF reported the purchase of over 400 magazines, most of which are QST, with the last 10 years being complete.

May 17,1966

There was a long discussion on the charter. Finally it was accepted as is on motion of W3OKU and seconded by W3ATS.

July 19,1966

Constitution was read and voted on; MHY made a motion to accept it and NKM seconded it. The membership vote was unanimous to accept it.

April 18,1967

Members were asked to log out anything borrowed from the club so that a check could be made on its were abouts by others.

May 16,1967

Membership thanks to Nat Firestone, Bill Hall and Joe Ferenc for laying of floor tile in clubhouse.

June 20,1967

A call for volunteers by our President to rejuvenate our far-out house complete with crescent.

July 8,1967

The road was oiled and scraped for a very nominal fee.

October 15,1967

Kitchen floor laid by Bill Hall and Frank Pruesser.

March 19,1968

The phone was installed with no charge for the wiring. The cost to be $6.40 per month.

July 21, 1970

We discussed the “break-in” at the club. This was the third time this summer it’s happened.

August 18,1970

The club was broken into for the 4th time.

November 17,1970

We bought the 16mm sound projector for $150.00

February 19,1974

…between Jan 6 and Jan 9 the clubhouse was broken into. Some minor damage and the theft of …. {now days we would have a very pretty picture of the thiefs.}

November 18,1974

ZPZ reports that new by-laws are ready for typing. After lengthy discussion on condition of road KPI asked the Clubhouse Committee to take care of it.

February 18,1975

IVE moved and SVJ seconded motion to appropriate $100. to be used at the discretion of the Prez. for the repeater project. Unanimous approval. By-laws were read subject to comments next meeting. Final version will be mailed for ballet by April meeting.

May 20, 1975

Technical- SVJ Club repeater license received with call of WR3AGB.

August 19,1975

The road was graded a week ago thanks to V’s son. Oil was applied today.

September 16,1975

The club tnx Jack Engel, UUH , for the photo of the city of Pittsburgh.

November 18,1975

A motion by ZVB seconded by SVJ to : raise 1976 annual dues to $15. from $12. for class 1 and 3 members leaving class 2 members dues at $6. The motion was unanimously carried.

August 1976

Marvin , AKG , suggested to make Kay Hall an honorary member.

March 1977

All new members were recognized and given a club roster and by-laws book.

June 21,1977

The June Meeting was canceled due to the death of our Treasurer, W3ZDW, Joe Merloni on June 20,1977. Joe was a member for 35 years and had been the Treasurer for 21 years.

July 19,1977

VSL reported a SCARC scrapbook in memory of ZDW.

September 20,1977

The RACES director for Allegheny County, K3SMB, described the emergency station being installed in the downtown County Office Building. He requested that W3KWH be the official backup station. SCARC would use its own operators and be under RACES rules – using only ham ops registered with RACES.

October 18,1977

WIKH, Buck, requested support from SCARC for OSCAR and AMSAT by donating money for solar panels. SVJ motioned that we pay for 5 cells @ $10. each. WHY second and voted in. KPI suggested this donation in memorial to our Silent Keys.

July 11, 1984

Nate, W3SVJ, announced that the ARRL has officially declared SCARC a Special Service Club.

October 16, 1984

Volunteer Examiners — Doc, KT3L announced that S.C.A.R.C. would be holding it’s first amateur exams on January 16 and February 20 of 1985 at the Rennerdale elementary school.

September 17,1985

Doug, W3HH reported the 440 repeater has a 10 meter link now operational on 29.6 Mhz. {not any more}

December 17,1985

W3KWH/3 won the multiop class in the Breezshooters’ Groundwave contest as Chuck, WB3EML and Bob, WA3FYJ operated from Somerset County.

May 21,1986

A lease agreement was signed by President Leonard Marino, W3I0H , with MCI Cellular Telephone Company for construction of a cellular telephone base station facility on the club property.

March 17,1987

John, NJEQP, said the club had received a certificate for winning First Place Multi-Op for the Atlantic Division in the 1986 ARRL UHF Contest.

November 17,1987

John, NJEQP, announced the club has received it’s VUCC 1296 MHz Award from the ARRL. This prestigious certificate is only the 53rd of its kind ever awarded. John thanked Mike, WAZTTS, for the time and equipment he committed to earn the award for SCARC.

November 21,1989

VXJ announced that in the coming year Ziggy W3UUH will have 50 years as a member of SCARC. W3SVJ moved that the club donate his dues indefinitely as a gift on behalf of the members of SCARC. The motion was seconded by NO3M and passed by all.

March 19,1991

TRAINING: ART-BKD announced that there would be the usual half hour of calisthenics in the parking lot after the meeting.

June 18,1991

Nat-W3SVJ told the story of Ray Cummings-W3KHS who is the oldest living trustee/member of Steel City Amateur Radio Club. Ray had signed the original deed to the club property. It was suggested that Ray be made an honorary member of the club and be presented with a Plaque commemorating the event. A motion was made by Vice President Mac-KC3RJ to do this and was seconded by Bruce-N3GHI and approved by all present.