• Voting rights at club meetings.
  • 24/7 Key card access to the shack.
  • A selection of HF radios by Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood to operate.
  • HF verticals and beam antenna’s that will get your signal out.
  • VHF/UHF bean antenna’s for 6m, 2m, 70cm, 33cm, 23cm
  • Shared access to our remote stations from home.
  • Fellowship and elmering from one of the oldest, most mature ARRL special service clubs in the area.

Our Annual dues are incredibly low for the value the club can provide.  We welcome any ham as a guest to the clubhouse any time our members are present.  Feel free to operate any of our equipment while visiting.  Why don’t you come visit us and see for yourself why W3KWH is the next club you want to join!



In order to Join W3KWH,  we ask that you attend a minimum of three business meetings in a six month period.  This let you have a chance to see how we operate and to make sure you are a good match for our group.  We are looking for member that will be active in Ham Radio.  Until you are a full member, we welcome you to visit the clubhouse for our social meetings on Wednesday nights, as well as take part in any other club activities as a guest.  As long as there is a member present, you will be our welcome guest !

If you are a regular at the club, but due to personal scheduling conflicts cannot attend the business meetings, speak with the president or the Membership committee and explain the situation.  We have made exceptions to our policy for members who are regular visitors on social night, but can’t make it to the clubhouse on Tuesday nights.


A family member of an active full member can also join the club at a reduce rate and enjoy full key card access to the club house and can have the same voting rights as a full member. The three business meeting requirement is the same as a full member.


Is only open to former full members that have unfortunately had to move away from the Pittsburgh region.  So former members wishing to become an member again can become an DX member by contacting the leadership and submitting a application to join which still requires a single vote by the full membership at our monthly business meeting. DX members get full access to the two W3KWH remote stations and a big welcome at our weekly two meter nets {Via remote or Echolink}, and added to the clubs email reflector. DX members do not get key card access to the club house.


This level of membership can not be purchase or awarded.  The only way to earn this level of membership is to EARN it. Lifetime membership is is only given to members that have provided a lifetime of service to the Steel City Amateur Club.  Members that have served as officers, committee chair persons, participated in our events, and have donated their time to the club can be nominated by a member and voted on by the membership can receive a lifetime membership.



Regular, including over 65 $50.00
Family Members $15.00
DX Members $15.00

Make checks out to “Steel City ARCinclude your call sign.

Steel City ARC
PO Box 281
Carnegie, Pa, 15106 U.S.A


Street Address: {Driving Directions}
Do Not Send Mail Here
208 McMichael Road
Carnegie, Pa, 15106 U.S.A


Geo Location:
40° 25′ 32.3″ N, 80° 08′ 35″ W
Grid: EN90wk
Elevation: 1246.7 feet

Membership Application
Please note we only accept application for membership in person at the club house.  Any mail in application will be rejected. The reason we do this is so we get to know you and you get to know us.  We are looking for active ham radio operators willing to participate at club events. The form can be drop off at any Business, Social, Contest, or event at the club house.

While your going though your three business meeting readings with the club. You are more than welcome to attend any of the Steel City special events or activities.  You will be a very welcome guess during the period. 

Steel City Membership Form: Download Here

Membership Chairperson:
Art Mueller, WA3BKD – (724) 356-7381  –  WA3BKD {at} GMAIL {dit} COM