Keystone Wide Digital Net

The Keystone State Wide digital net is a C4FM System Fusion digital network of Pennsylvania C4FM repeaters and nodes. If you have a Yaesu System Fusion radio and/or repeater join us at 8:00 PM Sunday nights for the Pennsylvania digital net on room number# 60328. You can hear stations from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia on this digital network.  The net started out as a Western Pennsylvania net of three stations Uniontown ARC, Skyview Radio Society, and Steel City ARC. The net expanded to cover the whole state once K3LV join the network. So connect to us each Sunday night at 8:00 PM for our net. If your club wants to join us full time that would be great also.  Below is a map of Pennsylvania that show the approximate location of our full time repeaters and nodes.  If you decide to connect to the network full time please let n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com know your name, location, and repeater name/call sign.

Click map for full size versionWe are look for more full & part time connections
Feel free to connect to the network at any time

We are also looking for Net Control operators if you want to give it a try please me know at n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com. Digital nets are a lot easier due to the call sign showing up on your radio.