Technician Training Class

We are in the process of creating an technician class for 2021
If your interested in taking an class at Steel City please contact
Jan Beveridge – Education Chairperson:

Ham Radio
Standby: TBA

Attendees should buy the study guides and be studying them before the class. This will just be a review of the question pool to let you understand the questions in the pool.  If you have any question that might be on the test make sure you bring them to class. 

The Steel City Amateur Radio Club will be holding a FREE two day review course on xxx & xxxx where you can review what you need to know for your Technician (entry level) FCC Amateur Radio License. The Technician Class license is your gateway to the world-wide excitement of Amateur Radio …                           

 … And you do NOT need to learn Morse code!

Do You Want To:
● Talk around the world
● Learn how radios, antennas, repeaters, and digital communication works
● Help your community in times of Emergency during earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes
● Serve as a trained Spotter for the National Weather Service
What You Will Learn In The Class
• The exciting world of Amateur Radio
• Radio and Signal Fundamentals
• Electricity, components and circuits
• Antennas and Radio Propagation
• Amateur Equipment
• Licensing Regulations
• Operating Regulations
• Electrical Safety
• And much more!

 With an ARRL VE testing session following the Nov 4th class {3 pm}  – Cost $15

It is recommended to register with the following member:


 There will be no charge for the class itself but at the end of the course we will be offering an Volunteer Examination Testing session so you can get your FCC Technician class license and there is a $15 fee for taking the test. The  test consist of just 35 questions.  Art will be using the ARRL study guide “ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4rd Edition”  which retails for $29.95 but you can find it cheaper if you look around. The book is not only a good study guide it is a good reference book also. At the end of the book is the FCC question pool so you will be able to view all the questions that will be on the test. If you pick up an used book make sure it has the question pool dated after July 1, 2018. 

“ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4rd Edition”

The ARRL book store $29.95 paper back $27.02

Kindle reader version $19.99

** Make sure its question pool is dated July 1, 2018


Other Study Guides
Gordon West Technician Class Manual

W5IY Group $21.95 paperback $20.95

W5IY Study Book and Software $34.95



Online Practice Test

ARRL Online Practice Test Online Practice Test Online Practice Test