Steel City ARC operates two repeaters they provide good coverage of the western side of Pittsburgh.   Feel free to use them at any time.

2 Meters – FM

Kenwood TRK-750
147.030+ Mhz  –  PL 123 – FM
Antenna is on top of a 53 foot tower
Currently transmitting with an amplifier with 80 watts of power.

Join us on this repeater
Tuesdays nights for our net at 8:00 PM
Read More about the Steel City Net here

70 cm – FM & C4FM

Yaesu DR-2X Repeater

444.45+ Mhz – PL 103.5 – FM and/or C4FM
Antenna is about 35 feet midway up the tower
Currently transmitting with 35 watts of power

View Our Current Node Status:

Join us on this repeater
Sunday nights for our digital net at 8:00 PM
Read more about the Keystone Digital Net here

UPDATE! April 2021 –  The new UHF antenna has been relocated to an higher location and now on its own mast so now the range has increase greatly.  We are still fine tuning the system with some minor tweaks. Down the line we will be putting an amp on this repeater

NOTE Analog Users! – Please set your PL tone for “Encode” and “Decode”  The repeater will transmit an PL tone of 103.5 if you have the “Decode option on  you will continue to hear all FM transmissions.  This will also block the digital noise you will hear.

NOTE Digital Users! – C4FM users/radios we recommend that you leave your radio on “AUTO” so that you can hear the digital and analog transmissions.

Steel City Echolink: [ Node # 147030 ]

W3KWH Echolink News:

Visitors to Pittsburgh who wish to connect to your home/club Echolink node can do so through the W3KWH node.

To connect to a remote node via RF with your DTMF touchpad – press # nnnnn, where nnnnn is your home/club Echolink node number.

To disconnect from your remote node press # # .

SCARC’s 2-meter repeater [ 147.03/147.630 ( PL123 ) ] has been online with the EchoLink network [node # 147030 ] since the weekend of March, 2006.

Connect to our node #147030
And join us on our Tuesday night net 8:00 PM EDT
Read more about our nets here

Learn how we used “Signal Link” to connect to an “Arcom 210” Controller:

Signal Link to Arcom 210 Controller Cable

Here is the Steel City communication bunker that houses our 2 meter and 70 cm repeaters.  The building also houses our file and network servers.  It is fully ECOM ready with standby generator and battery back up’s. It is fully alarmed and is connected to the club house with an rf proof fiber optic link.

Other Area Repeaters:

The Western Pennsylvania Repeater council lists all coordinated repeaters in western PA on their website: WPA  REPEATER COUNCIL


Last Update: 9/2/19